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  • Disney Cruise Part 2

        Well hello there! It’s been awhile .. (since I could hold my head up high).  Sorry.  I had to.  It’s like when you here the phrase “let’s get down to business” and you HAVE to say (whether it be silent in your head or a theatrical proclamation) “to defeat the Hun!”  Sometimes I […]

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  • Math Crackers with Nuby

    This post is sponsored by Nuby™; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. I’m backstreet back again with Nuby and some more meal time fun!  We’ve partnered up for their M is for Mealtime campaign to bring you some fun mealtime activities, downloads, and of course ..  a giveaway!  Mealtime doesn’t have to […]

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  • M is for Mealtime with Nuby AND Giveaway

    This post is sponsored by Nuby™; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are 100% my own. Family (dinner) .. isn’t it about .. Time?  😆 But really – we all know that family mealtime is important.  There’s charts and graphs and even commercials all about the importance of it and how it can keep your kids off […]

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  • Doterra Giveaway

    Here’s the deal.  I know very little about essential oils.  In fact, I can hardly pronounce the names of several of them.  One thing I do know is that I have always wanted to know more about them.  I’ve been wanting to try them for the better part of three years now.  But have always […]

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  • My Sister’s Closet Boutique

    Two things I have been obsessed with lately.  “This Is Us” on Hulu  (consumed only in unhealthy doses of course) and florals!  Wait, crap.  Ruffles too! I’ve been crushing on ruffles too.  So let’s make that three things.   I love that I jumped on the “This Is Us” bandwagon a tad late too because […]

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  • Dazi Ties

    (If you’re just here for the promo codes and the pictures of my hot hubby – scroll away.  Codes all yours and it’s at the bottom of this post. But the sexy guy in the pics – he’s all mine.)  Sunday is one of my favorite days.  For many reasons.  One of those reasons being […]

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  • Disney Cruise Part 1

     It’s been about 4 weeks since our Disney cruise and I’m still suffering from PVD .. Post Vacation Depression. It’s a real disease .. with doctors and medicine and everything.  Also .. My hubby is TDY which basically stands for Mom Is An Emotional Basketcase True Dat Yo.  MIAEBTDY was just too long so the […]