Last Minute 2-Day Shipping Valentine’s Finds

One of the best holidays is just around the corner riverbend. Literally 3 days away! I should know. Nora asks me every day how many days until Valentine’s Day .. and then proceeds to ask me “are you counting today?” and, “are you sure you’re gonna be able to finish my Valentine Mailbox in time?” […]

Valentine’s Day Look

Just in case y’all were wondering, I AM still alive. I don’t feel like I am back to normal. And I am really looking forward to that. I want to wake up without pain and be able to eat all the things and drink my DP out of a straw .. but right now all […]

Valentine’s Room Service Bundle

I love coming up with new ways to make the holidays fun for my family.  As I’ve previously stated, I have an obsession with holidays and tend to go “all out”.  But as my Daddy always said, if you ain’t first .. you’re last. So go all out or go home, right?   Valentine’s Day is […]