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As I’m sure you all know, (because I am a typical Mom) my Nora is going to school this year. I know it’s just Pre-K. And I know every other Mom in the world is sending off her kids to school too. But it’s a big deal to me! In North Carolina, Pre-K is ALL day! Nora will be in school for as long as the high school students! So cut me some slack for baking her a “Back to School” cake and taking her school-supplies-shopping for “supplies” she will never use … and for crying everytime I think about her being gone allllll day every day. 😭😭

We went to Back to School night last week so she could meet her (sweetest ever) teacher and see her classroom … and ask all the questions she had i.e. “Who will wipe my bum when I go poop?”

… Yeah, it wasn’t until 2 weeks ago that I realized I should probably start teaching her how to properly clean-up after a bowel movement. #momfail 

I designed up this little gift tag to go with a bottle of Starbucks Frappucino for Nora’s teacher – because what teacher doesn’t like coffee? (Except of course 90% of Utah teachers😂).

Nora was so excited to deliver it to her teacher .. and then she got a serious case of stage fright when we walked in the room … and then I did too because I realized she has TWO teachers. #facepalm Note to self: always make more than you think you will need.

Anyway, if you have a little tyke starting school and you’re looking for an easy Teacher Gift – look no further. I got you covered!

P.S. Make sure you know exactly how many you’re gonna need before assembling and delivering. (insert eye roll)


Happy Back to School everyone!! Also …. pray for me.

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    That’s so cute!

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