Dazi Ties

(If you’re just here for the promo codes and the pictures of my hot hubby – scroll away.  Codes all yours and it’s at the bottom of this post. But the sexy guy in the pics – he’s all mine.) 

Sunday is one of my favorite days.  For many reasons.  One of those reasons being the unhealthy naps I take.  Unapologetically, I take a short nap every Sunday.  And by short I mean about .. 1/5th of the day.  Just resting my eyes you know?  (But if you disrupt me while my eyes are “just resting” I can guaran-darn-tee that I will turn into the indominus rex.)  I dare you to ask Stefan how he got that scar in between his eyes.  Dare you.

On a happier note, the number one reason I love Sunday is I love seeing my hubby dressed up in his Sunday best!  Don’t get me wrong, he looks handsome in everything … (even more handsome in nothing ?) But there’s something about Sunday clothes that makes my heart giddy.  He’s just so darn good looking.  

Even our female pup gets a little turned on by the tie action .. Pictured above. She’s a hussy.

I love the fun way dudes can dress up their church/business attire these days.  Fun socks (we’ve absolutely loved our Foot Cardigan subscriptions) and ties have become trendy (and sexy) and make it a little more fun for those deprived members of the male species.  I mean, it’s still not fair.  They don’t get as many options as us lucky ladies.  But they also don’t have to carry babies in their womb for 40 weeks (42 in some super unfortunate cases) and then push them out of their … (you know where) .. when the time comes. I guess life is just not fair.  

But, they get ties.  And that is why we are here today.  Dazi Ties sent Stefan (aka Me duh) these great ties and we love them!  Even hubby got excited about picking out the two he wanted.  It was like, the cutest thing I ever seen.  Seeing him excited about shopping is like .. borderline pornographic.  

Mr Sexy chose the Collegiate tie and the Navy Blue Floral tie.  And he looks bomb in both of them.  And your hubby will too!  Or whomever you are buying ties for. Unless you’re buying ties for you mister (male version of a mistress).  Because if that’s the case .. “cash me outside how bow dah”.  That is not cool. He sounds hideous. (Unlike my man in his new ties)  See what I did there? 

 Dazi ties make sexy guys.  .. Wow.  They really should’ve hired me to create their tagline.  I’m a woman of many talents ladies and gentlemen. 

This floral tie is my cup of tea.  ??

Thanks for reading guys and girls.   I hope you get to spoil your brother, your boyfriend, or your hubby with some new neck candy.  A new springy floral tie would be a perfect present from Mr. Cottontail himself.  If you want to add some accessories to your man’s closet, or if you know a guy that has a job interview coming up and needs something to wear around his neck, or if you just have some money and need a place to spend it, Dazi is the place for you!  And if you have NO money to spend on shipping, Dazi is, once again, the place for you because .. FREE shipping on orders within the US of A always! 

AND you can get 15% off your order at Dazi with code “JAMIEE” Boom! You’re welcome!  

Now that’s a wrap!

Much love my people!  Feel free to leave a comment .. they aren’t going to leave themselves you know. ?


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