Father’s Day Gift Guide

This blog post is sponsored by Jane.com who gifted me these products.  All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.   

We love any reason to celebrate our #1 dude.  He’s the real MVP.  But sometimes, Father’s Day makes me T.O.’d.  (Mormon curse slang = ticked off).  I think Father’s Day was created to make women #fail and feel like #failures at gift giving.  The only thing that’s guaranteed to be a winner starts with Victoria and ends with a Secret.  And I’ve kind of exhausted that avenue.  

The other sure proof win, for my hubby, is anything Yeti.  But when he already owns everything from the Spring, Summer and Winter line – the options are scanty.  

I know he likes camo crap – but which camo print is the “right” one?  I know bullets go in those many firearms he owns, but which bullets are the ones the popular guys are using?  I always fail when I’m trying to be the “cool” wife. 

At least our husbands can always fall back on flowers and roses for Mother’s Day if they’re suffering from a lack of creativity or procrastination.  Pretty sure most hubbies wouldn’t be as thrilled to receive a bouquet of roses .. except maybe the ones who double as horticulturists.  If you’ve got one of those, hold him tight ladies because you just saved yourself a lot of years of gift-giving frustration.  

This year, one of my favorite websites saved my bacon.  Jane just launched their new Men’s category perfect for finding gifts for those hard to shop for males in our lives. 

I’m excited about the gifts I found for the guys we’re celebrating this year.  Since Jane is a boutique marketplace, you know you’re shopping #ontrend items at a fraction of the cost.  Win win in my book!

The girls were excited about helping with the shopping, mailbox checking, crafting, and wrapping this year.  They are such great helpers … 95.63% of the time.

Their favorite gift from Jane was this DIY Necktie.  Yesssssss. Father’s Day Sunday never looked so good.  Nora and Gwen doodled on these ties to their hearts content and their Dad will be obligated to wear it proudly around his neck.  This is the perfect gift for so many.  The hunting type, the hipster type, the gaming type.  Even the geriatric type.  They’ll all love seeing wearing the artwork of their loved ones.  

This t-shirt fits our family .. to a Tee #puntotallyintended Our handsome Dad is totes outnumbered over here.  But I dare say he wouldn’t have it any other way.  Anybody else coming from a house of mostly all girls? 🙋🏼

For the Dad who won’t want to sport that adorable Crayola plastered tie every Sunday succeeding Father’s Day, ties not made by a toddler are also a great option.  We love Dazi Ties in this house.  The more flowers the better in my opinion.  

And of course if you don’t already have a plethora of Yeti products in your home, you definitely need to start your hubby off with one of these ramblers.  Liquid beverage game changer for sure.  

What are your best gift ideas?  And what were your biggest fails?  I have enough to fill a small composition notebook.  But this year I’ve definitely got some wins! Happy Father’s Day to all the Daddys out there.  Hopefully you are showered with hugs, kisses and fun gifts … and not with a bouquet of roses.  

Thanks for reading friends!

xoxo Jamie 


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  1. Aww! Love that your girls were able to help make their dad special this Father’s Day. I agree, Father’s Day gifts can be soooo hard. Love what you picked out. xoxo

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