First Month Must Haves

My baby is a month old now.  If I was a cursing lady, this is where I would enter a curse word.  Instead I’ll just say gol’ darnit. Gol’ freakin’ darnit.  πŸ˜­πŸ˜­ I want her to stay itty bitty forever.  I bought a whole mess of newborn clothes the other day, knowing that they weren’t going to fit her forever, but maybe a tiny part of me thinks that if I never buy the next size it won’t give her the option to grow?.. I don’t know.   Maybe it’ll work.  I’ll let you guys know.

I realized while I was pregnant that there were so many new products since my last baby.  An overwhelming amount of products.  Momming is so trendy these days.  Lucky for me, because I am a mom so I guess that makes me trendy … hollla!  

It’s hilarious how many of the things I used with Gwen are no longer relevant.  But I sure am grateful to have so many new and improved items to help us survive the first few tricky weeks of life outside the womb!  

  • Dock-a-tot

I had obviously heard a ton about the dock a tot.  When asking you guys what you suggested as far as baby must haves, this was the #1 most suggested product.  So way to go dock a tot.  I have had 2 babies without a dock and I can honestly say, it makes a huge difference.  Tess has been such an angel sleeper since we brought her home and I know it’s because she loves the comfort and safety of her dock a tot.  If you’re a co-sleeper, it’s great for safe co-sleeping!  I’m a little too selfish to co-sleep.  I like my space. But Tess sleeps in her dock a tot for all of her naps and bedtime.  She has only been waking once to eat in the middle of the night since birth so I’m not feeling that sleep deprivation (read: mom zombie) like I did with my older girls.  The dock a tot is awesome for traveling as well.  Such an easy portable little gadget to make trips over the river and through the woods to grandmother’s house.  We’ve got three little people .. and two big people.  And a pooch.  We got a lot of crap when we travel.  Making the dock a tot ideal πŸ‘ŒπŸ».    The dock a tot comes in 2 sizes, the deluxe is great for babies 0-8 months and the grand is awesome for 9 – 36 months.  That’s 3 years old guys! This bad boy will be with your little ones until they are little ones no longer.  We love ours! My friends at dock a tot were nice enough to offer my followers a $10 off coupon here. You and your little one will love it!

  • Ollie Swaddle

I am a firm believer in all things swaddling!  I’ve been swaddling my babes since my first was born many moons ago.  Newborns have some killer reflexes and when they feel wide open spaces, they freak out.  Their little arms start flailing and it startles the crap out of them.  Literally.  Mine have been known to squirt mustard poo from the fear of falling.  That mustard poo is a whole ‘nother story.  I personally believe that babies love to be swaddled, whether they know it or not.  Nora cried when we would swaddle her – which made me doubt my motherly instincts.  But when I noticed how terribly she slept from the newborn jitters, I asked forgiveness and returned to my swaddling ways.  They sleep so soundly and for much longer periods when they are wrapped up like little burritos.  You’ll have to remind yourself that they’re not, in fact, a legit burrito🌯.  Don’t eat your baby! The struggle is reallllly real.  The Ollie Swaddle is a new favorite of mine because of how customizable it is to size.  Other brands don’t allow for small babies, as well as not allowing room for much growth.  But I can swaddle really tight with the Ollie – and the tighter the better IMO.  (That’s mom chat room slang for “in my opinion”.  If you’re a new mom, you’re gonna need a freakin’ dictionary for all the acronyms thrown around the internet.  I’m a dang Air Force wife, I have enough acronyms I have to remember! I really don’t think “breastfeeding” needs to be abbreviated. Time wasted IMO πŸ˜‰) Another favorite feature of the Ollie swaddle is the fact that you can change diapers without unswaddling!  Those middle of the night diaper changes are forever changed.  I try to keep my babes as sleepy as possible during night feedings, and if I don’t want everything stained in mustard poop, that includes a diaper change as well.  Not having to disturb the slumbered babe is #money.  We love this swaddle!  You can get $5 off your very own Ollie Swaddle here!

  • Sound Machine

A sound machine has always been a must have for us.  Aside from the scientific reasons why babies love it and how calming it is, I just like drowning out the noise made by the other hooligans living in this home.  And the #1 perpetrator is the girl with 4 legs … and a tail.  Which is what causes 95% of the noise.  Ain’t nobody gonna sleep through that thing knocking on every wall and doorway.  So we crank up the sound and let the toddlers have dance parties while baby sleeps.  We love this sound machine.  In fact, Nora and Gwen still sleep with one in their room.  We don’t go anywhere without it.  

  • Mama Roo

The Mama Roo has been a favorite of ours for 2 babes now.  This robot looking contraption is amazing.  Gwen was very colicky and this is one of the only places she would be soothed sans me.  My biggest advice is not using it as a sleep prop.  If you want your baby to ever fall asleep on their own in their bed, don’t let them sleep in this for every nap.  You will regret it.  We use this often for witching hour and when I’m trying to get multiple kids ready and out the door by 8:30 to make it to 9 am church.  #momlife.  It is so helpful and I’ve never heard of a baby that didn’t like the Mama Roo.  

  • Windi (The Gaspasser)

The Nose Frida was a game changer for a lot of Moms.  And when I saw that Fridababy was coming out with this Windi gadget, I literally thought it was a joke.  Nope! These babies are real and oh, so, magical!  Babies have immature digestive systems that are learning and they get a lot of gas.  At least my girls do.  I think they get it from their Daddy πŸ˜‰ Instead of waiting for them to pass these scream-inducing gas bubbles, the Windi helps it pass quickly and provides almost instant relief.  We’ve used about 3 of them and each time Tess has gone from hysterical to calm and almost asleep in minutes.  You can hear a whistle when the gas is being expelled and then you know, your baby is on their way to gastric comfort and hopefully a restful night.  

  • BinxyBaby

Being a mom of 3, grocery shopping can be almost comical.  I used to get comments about having my hands full with 2 kids.  3 is almost impossible.  Our carseat doesn’t clip onto the shopping cart safely like others do so we are very limited in space.  The binxybaby safely holds my carseat and provides space underneath for groceries.  It will be really nice when Tess is a bit older and she can lay in it like a hammock and Gwen can still use the seat portion of the shopping cart.  Or I can just use grocery pick up and save myself from the worries of shopping cart tetris and the many, “boy, you’ve got your hands full!” comments.  Get $5 off your own shopping cart hammock here!

  • Fels-Naptha

Ok.  Whoever invented this stuff is a genius, but also an idiot for not putting up a billboard or doing some of that Facebook advertising business.  Why don’t more people know about fels-naptha?  Why does it have such a weird name? How did they get so much magic into such a small bar.  Remembered that mustard poop aforementioned?  This stuff will literally take that yellow poop out of white onesies.  We haven’t ruined any outfits thus far, despite the fact that she’s power pooped in or on almost everything we own.  Fels-naptha everyone.  It’s gonna change your life.  And it is super cheap. 

  • Lorena Canals Rugs

This is an odd addition for a first month must haves, but after dripping bodily fluids from both ends (of the baby) on the rug in the nursery, I was ecstatic to know I could throw the rug in the washer.  These rugs are fantastic because they are machine washable – that’s right.  They fit in your standard washer.  No more carpet cleaners or scrubbing on your hands on knees.  These all natural rugs are so easy to clean and the perfect addition to any nursery.  So yeah, this is a first month must have because ain’t nobody got time for carpet cleaning those first four weeks of postpartum life.  



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