Fourth of July Outfits for the Family

It’s that time of year again! Time to break out the Ericksen colors!  If you don’t know what Ericksen colors are, you may not have been here last year.  Being Air Force “brats”, my girls have always seen the Red, White, and Blue flying high.  Nora just assumed that The American Flag was our flag.  The Ericksen Family Flag. Thus, everything Red, White, and Blue is decorated in Ericksen colors.  And then of course that means that the Fourth of July is just a big celebration for our family complete with fireworks.  So … you are all very welcome for the day off of work and the worldwide celebration .. in our honor. ? 

The Fourth of July truly is a special holiday to us.  We love being a part of The Air Force and we are so proud of our favorite guy for being the kind of guy he is and for serving our country.  We love seeing him fly for the big USA.  It gives me chills every time I hear a jet and know he may be the one inside it.  It also often scares the shiz out of me.  But yeah.  Proud too.  He’s stellar.  

Holidays are my jam and dressing my family up in coordinating outfits is my mega-jam.  It’s my motherly right-of-passage.  And I will force them to coordinate with me the rest of our lives.  And if they refuse, I’ll always have the Fourth of July where, by default, they (and the rest of the United States) coordinates outfits with me.  

Finding outfits for the whole fam damily can be tricky so I have linked some of my favorite pieces for you here!  




Do you dress your family up for the Fourth??  Do you let your kids choose their own outfits?  I’m dying to know if anyone is as crazy as me ?


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