How to Stretch Longer Between Hair Washes

Upon doing some deep research the other day, on Google, I came across the definition for “millennial” and realized that I FALL INTO THAT CATEGORY. I was completely offended. How dare they! … I didn’t even get a cell phone until the 4th grade for pete sakes! 😉 I do find some comfort in the fact that I’m not considered a POST-millennial. So I guess I’ve got one thing going for me.

If being a millenial has been good to me for one thing though, it has been the ability to go a long amount of time between hair washes. Hallelujah to the OG millennials for not having time to wash their hair. It has saved me from a lot of “lather rinse repeat” cycles. And as a Mom, that is crucial!

I’ve learned that even greasy hair (like yours truly’s) can be trained to go unhealthy amounts of time between washing. All you need is a personal trainer. And I am here to be that for you.

I originally started training my hair my freshman year of college. My hair at that point was a one-dayer. A hot greasy mess by 18 hours after a wash. But ain’t nobody got time for washing that mop errry day! I have always envied old ladies who get their hair washed and did once a week. I aim to be a 70 year old. Except for the getting up at the crack of dawn part. I don’t want no part of that.

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SO. My tips for getting more life out of your hair are as follows.

The biggest change I noticed in my hair was when I stopped using conditioner. I literally never thought I would say that. I used to live for conditioner. Being a bleached blonde – my hair is snarlier than a rabid pitbull. If I didn’t use conditioner – there was no way I was going to successfully brush through those dreads. And if I did (in the case of forgotten toiletries at the Motel 8 where only a Shampoo + Conditioner combo was provided) my hair texture was wrooooong. It felt like fudgin’ hay. BUT! I can now say that I have quit conditioner cold turkey all thanks to this wonderful product here. It is a leave-in treatment that I apply after the shower. It has changed the texture of my hair and cleanliness. Because I’m not slathering on a greasy conditioner – my hair can go much longer between washes. It detangles and leaves my hair feeling smooth, yet light. I promise you this product is worth every one of the $29 dollars. My hairdresser recommended it to me, but I know that Kailee Wright just shared it on her blog too .. and I really like her, and as a millennial I am definitely influenced by influencer marketing so I would’ve bought it even if I didn’t already use it.

Go BIG on day 1. Go big or go home, right? You want to get va-va-volume on day 1 to sustain you through the 12 subsequent days you’re going to neglect your hair. I just use this Pantene Mousse. It’s less than $5 from Walmart. You’re welcome. I just apply it to the roots and blow dry it with a round brush putting the emphasis on the roots. I actually put so much volume into my hair day 1 that I don’t really like my day 1 hair. Some weird reverse psychology there. Hate your hair enough day 1 and you’ll enjoy it on days 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

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Dry shampoo duuuuuuuuuh. If you haven’t heard of, purchased, or used dry shampoo, you may not be a “millennial”. My favorite dry shampoo is Aveda Shampure because it smells like Aveda. Need I say more? I also like that it’s a non-aerosol – it doesn’t make my hair crunchy the way some aerosol dry shampoos do .. do you know what I mean? Anyway, I usually start needing it on day 3. And more and more each day after that. With blonde hair, I like the way the powder lightens up my roots too because the greasiness makes them look dark and nasty. If you have dark hair, I know they make dry shampoos that are colored for different hair types. I also use the Batiste dry shampoo when I need a little more texture. It’s $6 so definitely more affordable.

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When your hair gets to that flat frumpy phase, try switching your part. I usually flip mine every 2 days to get that lift in the front instead of that greasy slicked alfalfa look. If you can’t handle a part on the opposite side, try parting further over. Sometimes that alone can make you feel like a whole new woman! If you’ve got bangs – DON’T TOUCH THEM! Your hands are greasy and that will transfer. You gotta stop touching, moving and stroking your bangs and hair in general. It’ll help with the greasiness.

Another tip to get you through those rough days. The days that are accompanied by sweatpants and McDonalds. You know those days? Where your hair is so bad you wouldn’t be caught dead in public. But you’re out of milk so you risk your reputation to run into the grocery store praying nobody will recognize you under those Prada sunnies. Yeah, you know exactly what I’m talking about. My solution to those days? .. Hats. That’s all I got. Because unfortunately my hair doesn’t fit in a top knot currently so a hat is my only refuge from baaaad hair days. Here are a few of my favorite hats!

I think the hardest part of “training” your hair to go longer between washes is the stretching phase. You just have to start and you have to commit and accept the fact that you are gonna hate your hair some days. But you are sacrificing for a good cause ladies and it will be worth it in the end. Start by adding 1 extra day every 2 weeks. Eventually your head will realize it doesn’t need that much grease on day 3 because you ain’t washing it! You showed her!

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My last bit of advice is to follow Jasmine Rae Hair on Instagram. She is a HairCare Pro and does hair training. Plus, she is hilarious. Win-Win. Good luck in your hair training adventures ladies! Drop me a line if you have other tips for going longer between washes!


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  1. Brunette with natural curly hair, but will try it. @tfaee

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      Here’s to hoping it works for you!! By the way, I’m super jealous of your natural curly hair!!

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