LAST DAY Nordstrom Sale Faves

Today is the last day of the Nordy sale guys! Nordstrom is about to up their prices … boo! Not like boo as in Halloween though. Boo as in, I hate spending money on things not on-sale!

I’ve linked some of my favorites from the sale this year! These are ALL things I purchased and kept and love the quality, fit, and price! I love shopping, but what I love more is finding a good deal! Some of these items I would never buy full price. Like my Sperry’s (mostly because I have a pair almost identical to these ones – but when I showed the new pair to my hubby asking him if it was silly because they’re so similar he said, “I love them both. You have to keep them.” And that’s how I knew I had picked the right oneπŸ˜‰)

The thing I love most about this sale is that these pieces are staples. They will be worn for years to come. Take these pictures for example. I bought this skirt in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale 2017. It is still one of my favorite skirts and I wear it every Fall (we’re a little early here. Especially in this 98 degree weather. It’s all for the picture right ladies?)

I like splurging on boots and jeans, but I also like picking up basic T’s that will be worn year round. Dressed up and dressed down over and over again.

These Free People jeans are going to get great usage this Fall. I love splurging on jeans for a few reasons. Sizing. It’s so hard to get jeans that fit me ALL around. Petite sizing can be harder to come by, especially shopping boutiques. But Nordstrom carries some of my favorite denim brands and they come in numerous sizes guaranteed to fit my weird 28 year old prepubescent boy body. I also love splurge denim because these styles will be in for several years. I wear the same Levi’s and Blank NYC denim pieces every year. How many times can I say year in this post? Blah! But really, jeans are something I want to fit right and get good usage out of. THAT is why I love spending bigger bucks on jeans. This pair will be gracing your Instagram feed for multiple seasons. (See what I did there? I switched out the word year there for season so as not to drive you mad with the repetition. You’re welcome) The distressed knees are just right for busy moms who play head, shoulders, knees and toys on the daily. Or just perform the same actions picking up toys, toddlers, bottles, legos, and bags all day long. Either way, you don’t wanna rip your pants by bending so much. A descent hole in the knee will save you from that!

If you haven’t snagged anything from the sale – you have a few hours left! Grab some goodies now before the price goes up! And if you buy it on Sunday – I won’t tell on you πŸ˜‰

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