Last Minute 2-Day Shipping Valentine’s Finds

One of the best holidays is just around the corner riverbend. Literally 3 days away! I should know. Nora asks me every day how many days until Valentine’s Day .. and then proceeds to ask me “are you counting today?” and, “are you sure you’re gonna be able to finish my Valentine Mailbox in time?” Yessssss kid. If it takes me til 3 am Thursday morning, I will have that G.D. mailbox done! And by Thursday I mean Tuesday because I guess the 12th is the new 14th this year and the V-Day party is 2 days early. Don’t worry. Only 40 homemade Valentine’s to make and 2 show stopping mailboxes to sculpt from ice. Wish me luck!

In other words, I haven’t had time to shop for my little people and pick up little Love Day goodies! My Mom used to get us a huge container of chocolate covered pretzels every year and other small surprises and I loved it. It made an otherwise shizzy day (see my previous post) slightly uplifting. Until I ate said container (the whole thing) and cried about eating 2400 calories when my friends were MSN Messaging their lover boys and feeling all the butterflies.

Thanks to 2-Day shipping, I am not too late to grab that something special for my babies AND myself. I live by Tom Haverford’s famous words … #treatyoself. And I have rounded up some of the best gift for those lovely babes and you too Momma. You deserve it!

I have so many things I LOVE for Tess right now and I wanted to share them ALL! But I narrowed it down to 17 9. If you saw my Instagram last week, you know we’re loving this Matchstick Monkey teether! It’s the perfect little Love Day gift for you little love who maybe gnawing on anything and everything. Our girl is no exception and the little bumps on the monkey’s head are totally soothing her pain … and her urge to bite my milkers. #sorrynotsorry.

Her knee-high socks are something I get so many questions on. They are so sweet and dainty and my current favorite trend for chubby baby legs.

If your little one is in need of a high chair – I CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS ABOUT THIS HIGH CHAIR! Stay tuned to my Instagram for all the amaze balls features it has! Funny the things we parents get giddy about. Poop in a toilet. Scale numbers going up (for people under the age of 10). Scribbles on paper. High Chairs.

Burt’s Bees Pajamas are my absolute favorites. Their slim-fit is my favorite look on my babies. They’re fantastic quality AND under $13! Is there a better deal out there? And it’s Love Day .. what do we love more than sleeping babies? Actually, I will tell you what. Babies doing Baby Shark. That’s my current love.

We just got these iTouch watches and my girls are ob-sessed. Perfect alternative to a cell phone because #savethekids. I am never getting them phones! … And when I do (because Justin Bieber taught me to Never Say Never) it will be the ancient flip phone with T9 texting and the coveted Snake. Original Ganster right here.

Our Generation Dolls are a favorite in our house. Tess loves chewing on them. Nora and Gwen dress and re-dress them all day. Along with organizing the ice cream truck and setting up camp sites … and asking me to help dress them and re-dress them. Overall such a fun gift for little ladies and I love anything that gets them off the TV and into imagination land! (Until there’s a mess the size of Texas in their Rhode Island sized bedroom.)

These unisex Native shoes will change your life. No exaggeration. Easy on. Easy off. Easy to clean. No socks. No open toes. Breathable. Happy Mom happy Mom happy Mom. Get them pink, purple, or any every other color.

Y’all know I love myself some Steve Madden. These sandals are on sale and the perfect spring and summer shoe. They match everything! And if you get them now (while it’s still a winter wonderland) you save some buckeroos.

My Steve Madden sock booties are one of my favorites. The color makes me giddy and it’s the perfect Love Day shoe. They dress up jeans in a snap and they make church more bearable in the winter. They keep my ogre toes warm when it’s an arctic blast out there.

My Trophy Skin Microdermabrasion is my hands-down worth every penny beauty tool. I have dry skin and I can’t keep up with the pastry texture of my skin. This bad boy saves me. It removes all the dead skin and leaves a baby’s bottom texture on my face. And my hubs uses it too so basically, it’s a couples tool.

I’m loving these new blue-light glasses. They help with eye sensitivity from staring at screens! Which I never do ……. They’re cheap cute and Amazon Prime so treat yo self ladies!

Hope you get your shop on before you run out of hours to qualify for 2-Day Shipping!!

What did you get your loves this Valentine’s Day?? I’d love to know!

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