Mum Fest + FabKids

We enjoyed visiting the Mum Fest last weekend in New Bern, NC.  If you didn’t already know, New Bern is home to my favorite author Nicholas Sparks.  I know.  Huge eye roll, right?  How basic can I be?  A blonde Mormon mom that loves Nicholas Sparks movies and long walks on the beach.  That has #original written all over it! Ha!  I’m just saying – the guy knows how to get the juices flowing .. if you know what I mean 😉 and he also knows how to get the tears flowing, and I love a good tear jerker so .. ifso facto .. Nicholas Sparks gets 2 thumbs up!  

The girls were really disappointed to find out that the Mum Fest was, in fact, a flower festival and not a mummy festival! What kind of festival is in October and isn’t dedicated to monsters?  Sorry girls.  The good news is there were lots of pretty flowers and plenty fair food to make up for the absence of mummies.  

I love festivals and I love enjoying them with the family.  I remember as a kid, going to carnivals and festivals and fairs and splurging.  When there were rides to be ridden, my Dad never scrimped on the tickets.  When there was greasy food covered in unhealthy amounts of powdered sugar, it was never a matter of how much.  Just a matter of how soon we could devour it!  We always came home with souvenirs and best of all, lots of memories.  This is something I cherish from my youth and wanted to pass on to my kids.  So even though the face painting was way over priced and the line was ridiculously long, we stood in it, and we painted those babies’ faces.  And the cheesy smiles were totally worth it.  

The girls were sent these darling outfits by FabKids.  Actually, they each got to pick a whole outfit from FabKids and just in time for boot season! FabKids has a boot for every girl.  Each of their choices really highlights each of their unique personalities.  Nora with spunky fringe and Gwen with loud sparkles.  They each wear them with pride and I love that they are enjoying expressing their own sense of style!  

Since kids are expensive and their feet grow faster than the weeds in my yard, FabKids is the best place to furnish their ever changing wardrobes.  For a limited time, FabKids is offering buy one, get one free + $10 off on all boots.  


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