Off Shoulder Shop Stevie Swimmer

It’s almost swimmer season ladies and gents!  Well, if you live here in North Carolina, it IS swimmer season. Holy cow – it’s 70 degrees today! It’s country song weather.  I’ll take that over the snow in February any day.  

Swimsuit season is my fave!  I just hope that this year my translucent body can figure out how to maybe adopt the tan that usually goes hand-in-hand with swimsuit season.  I’m either Casper white or lobster red. Thanks Mom and Dad.  It’s not the first time they shafted me with crap genes.  Exhibit A …  32A to be exact.  ?  Don’t even get me started on this topic again.  

This particular swimsuit was supposed to accompany us on our Disney cruise.  I was so excited to photograph it in Castaway Cay.  I had a vision.  A picturesque ocean scene in the background.  Mickey and Minnie photobombing me.  Perhaps a little color on dem legs?.. But … none of that happened.  Because the mailman delivered this adorable parcel to my neighbors’ house.  When I realized what had happened 6 hours into our drive to Orlando – I literally went into a mini-depression.  My husband had to put the child’s lock on my door and bribe me insisting he would buy me new swimsuits to make up for it.  That’s right plural. But it just wasn’t the same to me.  You don’t just get over “the one”.  You don’t just replace “the one”.  ….. However, that being said, I didn’t stop him from trying to make it better. Who am I to deprive him of buying me new swimsuits??

So instead of seeing Disney characters and postcard scenes in my pictures – you’re seeing an intimate at-home bathing suit session.  The same one my neighbors saw through my bedroom window, in fact.  I needn’t mention the weird stares I have been getting on all our evening walks these days.  Yes, folks.  I do jump and dance on my bed, in my swimsuit, in the middle of February. While some stranger takes pictures of the whole charade.  Don’t you?  Listen, my husband is gone and has been for 4 weeks.  There’s no judging what a girl will do after 4 weeks of TDY life.  As the folks down here would say … She done gon’ cray cray.    

I love that one-piece suits are so in right now.  And I love the off-the-shoulder detail on this Shop Stevie suit.  It makes it a little extra flirty. Thirty, flirty and thriving! ?  As if Shop Stevie could make a swimsuit (or anything for that matter) that wasn’t absolutely adorable.  But this one is my favorite.  It definitely won’t disappoint.

@ali.shopstevie is offering a discount to my followers! Use code “VDAY” to get 20% off your whole order at Ali’s Shop!  And since it’s swimsuit season you NEED to get this one!  Head over to her shop to take advantage of this great deal! 

TAG ME in your pics if you pick up this suit!  And if you’re going on a pre-summer vacation – I want to hear all about it! 

Thanks for stopping by friends!  Happy Monday

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  1. You make me laugh so hard! Thanks for toughing through this experience with a smile and a smile-maker attitude.

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Thanks for reading and joining me in the journey from far away!

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