Tess 4 Month Update

No matter how hard I tried, and believe me .. I tried, time has not stopped and baby Tess is now 4 months old.  That is a third of a year guys!  Insert cliche line about time being a thief.  Take your pick … I’ve used them all.  But as cliche as they are, they’re all true and I could curse time! My baby is not a newborn any longer.  They really need an ugly cry emoji.  This one just doesn’t do my current emotions justice.  😭

Although I hate Father Time, and the speed he has applied to the last few months, we’re really loving the stage that Tess is in now.  Yes I miss the newborn smell.  Yes I miss the milk drunk sleepiness.  Yes I miss the saginess of newborn clothes.  But I love the smiles and giggles.  I love the recognition I get from my little lady.  I love seeing her learn to work her hands.  And I definitely love the sleeping 12 hours at night.  Hallelujah!

A few updates on the lady in mention:

  • She smiles so much and sooo big. It’s captivating.
  • She has giggled a few times.  Both times when I was imitating a dog barking.  Works like a charm.
  • She has found her tongue and spends her waking hours blowing raspberries and drooling about as much as the bulldog down the street. 
  • She still doesn’t take a binky, and also hasn’t figured out how to suck her thumb (or any of her other fingers for that matter).  I’m eagerly waiting for her to find her finger of choice and soothe herself with it!  
  • She weighs 10.5 lbs and is 22 inches long.  She can still wear her newborn clothes but they’re not going to last much longer.  
  • She just applied for her first passport.  .. Thanks to yours truly, Madame Secretary.
  • Her dad claims she rolled over but I refuse to believe it if I didn’t see it.  

Tess had her special day last month where her daddy gave her a name and a blessing in church.  Tess Ingrid Ericksen. Her name is so pretty I love to say it.  The whole thing was so beautiful.  Although it is hard for me to remember the many beautiful words said during her blessing, because I was an emotional mess, I remember a wonderful spirit being there and warmth so deep in my heart it brought tears to my eyes.  I am so grateful for this girl and the beautiful gift that she is.  My rainbow at the end of a storm.  I’m also so grateful for a wonderful husband who is the best teammate.  He is my rock and I’m thrilled my girls have such a wonderful example to look up to.  They will know true love because of him.  They will know what to look for in a perfect husband because he emulates it all.  They will know how to communicate and work as a team because he is the epitome of such.  I am in love with this guy.  

Tess’ dress was gifted to us by Baby Beau and Belle.  They have the most gorgeous dresses and accessories for blessings and christenings.  This dress is so beautiful I could cry!  … And I did when it came in the mail.  She had so many compliments .. and I was slightly jealous.  

I am glad we were able to have so many family members gather together to celebrate this beautiful day for our little Tess.  She is loved by so many.  Thank you to all of our family who helped make this day so special. 

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