Toddler Bladder and Digestion Help

If you’ve been following for awhile, you know that my eldest daughter (<– hahaha am I 70 years old) Nora has been suffering from bladder issues for quite some time.  We potty trained Nora when she was a little over 2 .. although I would use the term “potty trained” very loosely when describing Nora from ages 2-5.  We cleaned up accident after accident after accident for years with that kid.  And I wish I was, but I am not exaggerating.  It was a very stressful and emotional roller coaster for everyone involved.  And I did everything you’re not supposed to do.  I bribed, I punished, I yelled, I showed disappointment.  Yeah, I basically gave myself a D- in the potty training department. .. I would’ve just gone with the full blown F but I made a dang cute potty training chart so that counts for something, right?  

When Nora was 3 we realized she had been having undetected bladder infections. .. And here’s where I received yet another terrible mark on my parenting report card.  What kind of mother doesn’t notice their child has a bladder infection?! Yeah.  I asked myself the same thing for months.  The tricky thing was, she didn’t always complain of the burning, which is the only way I’ve ever suspected a bladder infection of my own.  She had told me a few times that her “bum burned” but I thought … maybe she had a really big bowel movement? What finally clued me in was (and I’m sorry if this is TMI but ..) the smell of her urine.  It reeked of infection.  And from that day on, I always knew when she had a UTI from that single symptom.  Some other symptoms that I didn’t notice at the time was the urgency in which she needed to urinate.  She would go from walking to dropped down in the middle of the floor clutching her crotch.  I thought this was normal for recently potty trained tykes.  Turns out this is a big indicator of infection .. so there you go.

After Nora was diagnosed with her first (but probably more like her 10th) UTI, she got them frequently.  A few so bad that the infection had traveled to her kidneys.  Pyelonephritits  in case you’re wondering the medical term for a kidney infection.  During these months we also found out the hard way that Nora is allergic to Amoxicillin .. I mean, this kid couldn’t catch a break!  But after months and months of doctor visits we still had no diagnosis for Nora (the doctors were probably ready to diagnose me with munchausen by proxy).  Finally we had a procedure called a VCUG – fancy acronym for hold your kid down while they scream in pain.  That was so hard to sit through and watch – but it also brought us some answers.  The test showed that Nora was severely constipated!  Her bowels were maxed out!  And because of all this extra pressure – her bladder was compromised thus the frequency, urgency, and infections.  

We’ve struggled through this issue for a few years now.  Bowel holding is no joke and Nora could not be coerced to poop when she did not want to.  And forget about those fiber gummies.  She could not be tricked into thinking they were fruit snacks or candy.  But if the bowels wouldn’t budge, there would be no changes in her urinary health.

Our friends at Vital Avenue Herbal Tea sent us some products to try with Nora in hopes that they could help her digestive and urinary systems.  This herbal tea cleanses the colon of impurities.  It’s safe and easy for children of ALL ages. And it’s definitely Word of Wisdom friendly for those of you wondering 😉

Now that Nora is in school, we are so grateful for this awesome product because bowel holding is so common among school age children.  Nora was really nervous about pooping at school.  Probably because I was still wiping her little bum for her #momfail.  So the first few weeks of school were hard and she started getting stomach aches. We were pretty confident right away that it was from being constipated.  We started mixing some Vital Avenue Detox Tea in with her apple juice and she hasn’t had a problem with tummy aches or pooping ever since.  I am so grateful for this product and the peace of mind and comfort it has given me and my Nora.

I’m sure I’m not alone with a child who struggles with these things. I just wish I’d had it years ago for poor little Nora.  And ME trying to help her! That’s why I can’t say enough now, hoping to save you all some of the tears we’ve had.

I’ve heard it’s just as helpful for newborns with colic! This is SUCH an easy way to address it all.   I’ve learned from Vital Avenue that this product was created by a doctor and goes back for over 30 years  But you have to know about it, since it’s not advertised on radio or TV. Since it’s herbal, it’s perfectly safe, and even pediatricians now provide it for babies and children, even newborns.  

Yes, you read it right. The herbal tea is great for ALL ages.

GOOD NEWS! Since I know this is a common problem, Vital Avenue has given me ten 2-week trials to give away for 10 of my followers to try.

Hurry and head to my Instagram now to enter to win one of 10 two-week free trials of Vital Avenue Herbal Tea! Simply tag two friends on my Instagram post about the herbal tea and like Vital Avenue’s Facebook page to be entered to win.

 If you’re REALLY eager to try the herbal tea, you can go directly to to learn more and order from there. The Vital Avenue family is also offering all of you 10% with the coupon code “Jamie10”.

 This is a winner. I’m so glad to have found it!  

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  1. Goodness gracious! Poor little Nora. I’m glad you found something that works. And I hope it keeps on working. You’re a good momma and I give you an A!

  2. I personally use that tea … but have never used it for my daughter. She has MAJOR constipation issues as well … I was so happy to see your blog post and see your success! Do you mind letting me know how much you add to her apple juice?? I don’t want to over-do it!

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Hi Chelsea, sorry for the late late reply. Not sure how I missed this comment. I put about a teaspoon in her juice!

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