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We have three kids now.  Three!  The amount of leches in the most amazing mexican dessert.  One fourth of a dozen.  They outnumber us by one, so thank goodness 2 of them can walk on their own because a simple stroll down the street can be a challenge with 10 little feet.  

Even though 2 of them are walking – that doesn’t mean they cooperate 100% of the time. .. Or even 50% of the time.  There’s usually always one complaining about walking.  I mean, 85% of the time, it happens every time.  Good thing they’re cute!  

The truth is, I prefer them buckled up (read: strapped down) for said walks and such.  I have anxiety about someone snatching them up, or them getting lost.  It’s so bad I won’t even let them walk behind me on the sidewalk in our neighborhood.  It’s crazy how terrified I can get thinking about the “what ifs”.  I think that’s typical mom behavior though .. right?  This is where you agree with me whether it’s true or not so I don’t feel like a loonie.  

You may be wondering .. how does one stroll with 3 in tow?  Well, I’m happy you asked!  

I introduce to you, the phil&teds Voyager!  The most versatile stroller out there!  I’ve had my fair share of strollers and currently have 5 in my garage.  I never knew I would turn into a collector of strollers.  I think it’s better than cats though .. right?  

This stroller is so gorgeous!  I love the antique “pram” look of it.  But, like I said, it’s so versatile!  It goes from adorable pram for one baby, to a family transportation device with 3 kids in tow.  The seats both transform from the bassinet style, to the traditional stroller seat parent-facing and forward-facing.  We also have the Freerider Stroller Board which allows Nora to ride when she has taken all the steps her little legs can handle.  It also detaches and becomes a scoot scootin’ scooter for riding to the park!  Nora loves her Freerider and I love that she can be attached to the stroller, or exploring her independence detached .. always in front of me of course.  

This stroller has made so many mall trips easier and more stylish if we’re being honest.  It truly combines fashion and function so you can be #momgoals on the go.  AND you don’t even have to remove seat to fold this bad boy up! Can I get a hallelujah?!  So your “on the go” doesn’t have to take 35 extra minutes and a sweat session removing seats and folding just to un-fold and re-connect seats.  Ain’t nobody got time for that!  

We are huge fans of phil&teds.  But this stroller has absolutely exceeded my expectations for a double/triple stroller.  If you have one, two, or three kids (or more) I 173% recommend this stroller!  If I could tell my younger self some advice, it would be get this stroller with your first kiddo because it can grow with you.    

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