Valentine’s Room Service Bundle

I love coming up with new ways to make the holidays fun for my family.  As I’ve previously stated, I have an obsession with holidays and tend to go “all out”.  But as my Daddy always said, if you ain’t first .. you’re last. So go all out or go home, right?  

Valentine’s Day is such a special holiday for me because for so many years I wished, and wished I would have a Valentine.  But it never really worked out for me.  Every year I ended up being single during the month of February.  It could’ve been the braces, teen acne and lack of breasts, but I would rather blame it on the universe hating me and never wanting me to be happy on February 14th.  

I’ve finally found the love of my life and he gets to be my forever Valentine! And all those losers really missed out because I am a dang good gift-giver and one heck of a Valentine!  No practice needed during ages 12-22 thank you very much!

My hubby truly is the best at celebrating me as his Valentine year round so I like to try and do something extra special for him on February 14th.  This guy .. I just can’t even explain how perfect he is.  He da he da best.  Nothing I do will ever adequately thank him for everything he’s given me but I will continue to try every year.  If you’re reading this Mr. Ericksen .. I love you to death.  

I designed this fun Valentine’s Day Room Service Bundle to treat Mr. E to a night of at-home luxury and spoils.  In case you didn’t know .. we have a couple of kiddos.  They’re a physical representation of a couple of Valentine’s gone right if you know what I mean .. wink wink. Thanks to these beautiful babes, we don’t always get to spend our Valentine’s night out on the town or in a romantic hotel room.  But that doesn’t mean we can’t bring the the romance and room service to our own home!  Enter – this FREE awesome bundle in downloadable format .. Raise the roof!

Download, cut and assemble the door hanger and slip the Date Night and Room Service menus inside.  Leave this fun kit hanging on your door (as if that wasn’t self explanatory enough) a few days before Valentine’s day because you may need those few days to prepare.  Grocery shopping, some primping, waxing and … perhaps .. a few kegels.  On second thought .. better give yourself at least a week to prepare.  You don’t want to get yourself into a hairy situation …. Bahahaha I’m sorry.  I could not help myself. Pun DEFINITELY intended.  😂😂

Get ready to start granting some Valentine’s day wishes.  Like freakin’ Christina Aguilera – you are a genie in a bottle baby.  You go girl! 

I hope this comes in handy for some of you little lovers in love.  I’d love to hear if you downloaded and plan to use this this Valentine’s day.  But please .. spare me the details.  😉









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