Date Night

So I read this book once called The Five Love Languages, maybe you’ve heard of it?  In case it wasn’t obvious enough, the book outlines five ways that people express and receive love.  So I picked it up one day and started to read it. I got to the first love language, Receiving Gifts, and I was like, OK, I need not read any further cause I just found my love language.  But I read on of course because I needed to identify which love language would fill Stefan’s “love tank” if you will.  So when the book started explaining Quality Time I was like, hold up, this has Jamie written all over it.  Turns out the whole dang book has Jamie written all over it.  I literally couldn’t classify myself as having only one love language .. or four.  So all that book taught me was that I have a plethora of love languages.  Which brings me to my next sentence.  Date nights are my love language. …  Well, ok, one of my many love languages.  

Stefan and I love date night. We date night all the time.  We’re basically The Triplehorns. I love the one-on-one time we get to spend together and focusing on making each other feel loved and appreciated.  Our idea of the perfect date is April 25th. Because it’s not too hot and not too cold.  Mostly I just love to put on heels and trade in my diaper bag for a night.  Although let’s be honest, I usually don’t even do that because how the H-E double hockey sticks am I supposed to smuggle candy into the theater in this tiny satchel?  Good-ness, I couldn’t even fit a jumbo sized tampon in this thing if I needed one.  Diaper bags are wonderful for movie theaters.  I could fit my whole 44 oz Dr. Pepper in their and save myself $73.00 at the concession stand.  But I would never do that because that’s dishonest … (insert smirking emoji)

Date night this week wasn’t huge but it was special.  We had dinner at Olive Garden which is silly because we could eat there anywhere right? But we’ve literally not had OG the whole time we’ve lived here.  2 years is way too long to go without Olive Garden’s salad and breadsticks.  We planned to go to a movie after dinner but it was pouring when we left the restaurant and we did NOT feel like sitting through a movie soaking wet.  Plus, as previously mentioned, I had no darn room in my handbag for the amount of gummy bears it would take me to get through War Craft so it was basically impossible to attend the movie.  (Secretly I am graciously thanking the rain because there was about a 1/85th of me that wanted to see that movie.  The other 84/85th of me just wanted popcorn and preiews.  But don’t tell my hubby because I told him I wanted to.  Crap, he reads this …) So we forwent the movie and opted for Chick-Fil-A milkshakes as dessert.  When we got home we hung out it in the truck for a while and watched episodes of The Late Late Show’s Carpool Karaoke. If you haven’t seen them, watch now.  Like, right now.  I’m not even offended if you stop reading this post and follow this link to watch the Justin Bieber episode.  But I will warn you, it will give you a toner.  (10 points if you can identify the movie quote).   I was hard core crushing on the Biebs and had to remember WHO I was on a date with.  But man … I am definitely a belieber.  

Changed my mind.  I’ve got Stefan Fever.  It’s the best I could come up with.  The Biebs truly has something catchy there.  But seriously, this dude makes me laugh, smile, swoon, you name it.  I’m talking about Stefan now, just to be clear.  If this on-point MySpace Face doesn’t get you weak in the knees than I don’t know what will.   

Date nights don’t have to be crazy.  If you need date night ideas you should definitely visit The Dating Divas.  They will put our Olive Garden and YouTube date to shame.  Let me know what your favorite date is below and thanks for reading!

Kimono: Bella Ella Boutique 50% OFF Right Now!

Jeans: Old Navy

Shoes: ModCloth

Satchel: Forever 21

45 Replies to “Date Night”

  1. Love every piece of your outfit! So cute and playful!

    – Cait |

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Thank you Cait!! Love your website!! Thanks for the comment and kind words!

  2. Laura Horrocks says: Reply

    I love your blog!! I seriously have the same sense of humour as you. Keep it coming!! (I’m also a secret closet belieber)

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Oh thank you Laura!! I’m so glad someone gets my jokes! Lol .. and biebs isn’t even my closet artist. I’ve got deeper secrets in their!!

  3. You guys are so cute! This is the first post I have ever read from you and I totally in love with your blog!! All the best and god bless you and your family! 🙂 xx

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Thank you Reet!! So sweet of you!! Hope to see you back here! God bless to you as well!

  4. Hi, There! Your blog is amazing! Just found it! And I am glad I found this! It is really funny and you just write what’s in your heart! That is amazing! Love your outfit ! Especially the necklace looks great ! Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Thank you Qazi!! Thanks for the sweet words! You are so kind!

  5. Oh “toner”…. Gotta love Pitch Perfect

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      I know right!!? Lol. Some of the best quotes ever.

  6. Your blog is so fun!! It’s been popping up on my Facebook feed because my sister Stevie keeps liking the posts so I thought I’d check it out and I’m so glad I did! Haha my favorite dates usually involve picnics and drives up the canyon, but I’m always up for going to a restaurant!

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Oh thank you Cortney!! Stevie is so nice to like my posts! Lol mine I wish we had some canyons to drive up here!! I miss me some Utah

  7. Melissa Wilding says: Reply

    Toner= Pitch Perfect. Also, I think I need to invest in a diaper bag so I can smuggle snacks into the movie theater. It’s brilliant! People might suspect why I have a diaper bag and no children or husband… but spreading a few rumors is worth saving $$$ and getting my favorite snacks 🙂 LOVE YOU

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Hey, I bring my diaper bag sans kiddos and I’ve never had anyone question. Does that mean they aren’t gossiping about me? Probably not. Do I care? Heck no! I’ve got my gummy bears to keep me warm.

  8. Leanne Ruesch says: Reply

    You are always always cute cute darling in your pics!!! I love Stefan’s pic!!! I love the color of your Kimono! Grandma Coco

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      I love YOU Grandma Coco!! Come visit us!

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