Fall Transition + Life Update

Everywhere I look it’s like Fall this, Fall that.  Target thinks they can trick me into thinking it’s Fall when it’s actually still 85 degrees outside and 120% humidity.  Why is this weather even a thing?  Who the H invented humidity?  What’s worse is that North Carolina is like trying to trick me.  The weather man sent a few cool days so I pulled out all my sweaters and boots and then 2 days later, I had to dig through the attic for my swimsuits again.  Mr. E was like, should we go to the beach for Columbus Day .. and I thought to myself, “I’m offended that that is even an option for this lovely October holiday!” So, basically, the weather here sucks. 

The good news, is that we are moving to Idaho in a little over a month and I CANNOT WAIT! The weather is one of the things I look most forward to.  However, the #1 reason I am thrilled about our move is because there are NO cockroaches in Idaho!  That’s right! I will no longer have to avoid letting the dog out at night because I am scared of seeing the scattering of 5 inch insects all over my porch.  Just the other day, I literally drove to my neighbors house – 3 houses down – at 9:00 at night so I wouldn’t stumble upon a roach. Yes, I am that pathetic.  We are so excited for our new adventure in Idahome! 

Even though the weather here won’t permit, I have forced myself into long sleeves because, gosh dang it, I am sick of all my other clothes.  And a little wishful thinking never hurt anybody, right? 

Since boots are a big NO, I have been getting real good use out of my flats (on the few days I don’t wear sandals šŸ™„).  I think mules and long sleeves are one of my favorite Fall transition styles.  And can you even believe these velvet Steve Madden mules šŸ˜.  I just found these for SALE on Zappos + free shipping = a no brainer! 

This peplum top is the perfect fall top.  I love the flirtiness of the hem.  It can be dressed up or dressed down and that is my favorite type of top šŸ‘ŒšŸ» Style and comfort all wrapped into one shirt.  

The jeans are a pair of my favorite from Target.  Target has really stepped up their denim line and I have several pairs that I wear weekly.  They’re comfortable yet stylish and so so affordable!  Get this pair while you still can.

Typical Mom dressed up and toddler still in pajamas adorned with stickers from the previous day.  #winning.  I just love this girl šŸ’š


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  1. I totally can relate living here in GA. I loathe the nights my husband works and I have to let the dog out after dark. I think every bug in the world lives here in GA. Iā€™m majorly jealous of you headed to Idaho. šŸ˜©šŸ˜œ

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Yes! I am so glad somebody else understands! Haha Hey! Georgia is so pretty though!!! Do you guys get a good Fall season??

  2. Leanne Ruesch says: Reply

    Haha love the stickers! You are cute!

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