Favorite Bermuda Shorts

Hey, hey, hey, hey ladies! And gentlemen too I guess! I’m here to talk about a summer staple, especially for those LDS followers of mine! Drop a note below so I know you’re here! I know y’all read my posts … you keep forgetting to leave me comments! Silly girls.

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Every March, I’m begging the sun to come out. I end up sounding like Annie Lennox singing (and crying) up to the sky “here comes the rain again, falling on my head like a memory”. And the sun continues to neglect me every Spring! I want to dive into your ocean – dang it! Whatever that means! (It sounds provocative .. which I’m ok with.) And then Summer finally comes mid-June and then I’m usually complaining it’s too hot ? My hubby says I have about a 2 degree threshold when it comes to bearable temperatures. He’s not wrong.

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Summer is here now! And what does that mean? It’s freakin’ hot. And we need shorts to keep our legs cool! And if you’re a memeber of the Church of Jesus Christs of Latter Day Saints, you need bermuda shorts to cover your garments! Perhaps you also need bermuda shorts because your legs are ghastly white and you can’t risk blinding people with the full essence of your pale legs. (Me to a T).

I’ve linked my favorites here. Year after year I find some of the best bermuda shorts at American Eagle. They really know their stuff and I am always happy with their quality and length.

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I’m loving the bermuda overall trend and I just ordered these from Nordstrom! And they’re UNDER $40! I can’t wait to try them and I have it on good authority that they are long enough to cover my lengthy underwear.

Target has also had some really great options for bermudas the last couple years. But has Target ever not had some really great options for anything? Maybe money-saving. They don’t have great options for that department of my life. Best thing my husband ever did was move me 45 mins away from the nearest Target. It almost ended in divorce but we’re ok now. ?

This top is from Cara Loren Shop and I love every single thing in her shop. And her. I love everything about her. Not in a lesbian way but just like an “if I ran into her in public I wouldn’t remember my own name” kind of way. She is such an inspiration!

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Do you have a favorite pair of bermudas or long-shorts? Drop me a comment below! And thanks for reading!!

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  1. I always read and giggle with a secret pride : I’m related to this darling, articulate, and humorous writer.

    1. ericksenjamie says:

      I’m so honored! Thanks for commenting! Glad you’re reading! And I feel the same way whenever we see you on TV singing! ?

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