Last Minute Nordstrom Sale Purchases

We’re in the last hours of the Nordy sale! You can finally start saving some dollars again! …. After you pay off your credit cards that is.

I thought I would wrap it up with a few of my favorite purchases which you should most definitely get because they’re all going up in price in a few hours and they’re basically giving them away right??

Velvet is my love language currently, hence the 17 velvet purchases.  This velvet top here is A. beautiful B. bound to get you lots of physical touch by (hopefully only) your loved ones C. make you feel luxurious and D. SO ON SALE

Get it. Get it now.  

I stocked up on a lot of tops because I feel like I never have enough.  It was hard for me to think ahead a season when I literally had to place most of my orders wearing a swimsuit, but I did grab a few long sleeves and I am glad I did! Because come Holidays time – we ain’t gonna have no extra dolla dolla bills for shopping sprees.  So get them while you can ladies! Also, Christmas is only 142 days away.  It’s never too early to pick up some Christmas presents for your loved ones …… or yourself. 

I am not a shoe addict – I have a harder time dropping dough on shoes than on a perfectly precise pair of pants, so when they’re on sale – that’s my time to snag them and run! Well, I of course pay for them first and then run.  There are TONS of good shoe sales in the #nsale so hurrrrrrrrry and get the ones you’ve been eyeing.  You’re not gonna regret it.  If your hubby asks – tell him I made you do it 😘


Also, this clutch is not in the sale but helloooo! You definitely need it! How many times have you hauled your huge diaper bag with you on date night? I mean, I definitely do when we smuggle treats into the movie theater.  But when we’re just going to dinner the two of us and I’m toting around my carry-on luggage I feel a little silly.  This clutch is my new date night BFF.  It’s only $25!  Get it now.  

What were your favorite pieces from the sale? If there’s something you love that I need to buy before the sale ends hurry and tell me! I suffer from FOMO so don’t let me miss out 😘


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