The Perfect Temple Dress

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I’ve had the same Temple dress since I took my endowments out. It’s very special to me as it’s the same dress my mom wore when she took her endowments out and was sealed to my dad. It’s full of classic daughter-wears-mothers-wedding-gown sentiment. In a slightly un-classic way. It’s nostalgic and romantic .. And a little out of style .. No offense Mom. I’ll cherish that dress forever but I’ve decided it’s time to retire it to a safe-keepings box where it can rest until my oldest daughter wears it .. 27 years from now. … You hear that Nora? Me and Dad say you can’t get married until you’re 31 … The good news is that the dress will probably be back in style then 👌
So, with my Temple dress retiring, I found myself in need of a new one. Instead of using that as an excuse and having poor Temple attendance for months, I decided to be proactive and find a solution to the problem. And by that I mean Shope Elle and Anne sent me this gorgeous new Temple dress and I did zero work on my own. My favorite kind of pro activity! 
A Temple dress is such a special dress. It means so much more than any other white dress in your closet .. Unless of course your actual wedding dress is sitting in their, taking up an awful lot of space in its garment bag, challenging you to “just try it on” (as Paz Vega would say) and see if it still fits. If that’s the case – then I guess you have TWO white dresses in your closet unlike any other. I rented my wedding dress which was the best decision I ever made, other than convincing my sexy husband that we were meant to be and bribing him into marrying me (perhaps there was a hypnotist involved .. I’ll never tell. Just don’t ever snap your finger around him and say sleep.) And because I chose to rent my wedding dress – I now have extra space in my closet for gobs of other clothes I’ll never wear again that I keep because I’m a hoarder and think “one day I’ll wear this again .. Maybe for a costume one Halloween several years from now?”. #winning right? Call TLC ladies, I admit it. I have a hoarding problem. The first step is admitting it. 👍
Now, back to this dress. I’m so excited to be teaming up with Shop Elle and Anne. I love bringing you guys great deals on those things that enhance our lives and support faith and virtue. Going to the Temple is something I’ve realized I took for granted when I lived in Utah. Fast forward to our time in Florida and we lived 5 hours from the closest Temple. I can count on one hand (or one foot – you choose) how many times we made that drive in those two years. #imgreatatfindingexcuses During our time in Florida we attended the temple more in the the few weeks we spent visiting our families in Utah. I noticed the difference those two years. I can say from that experience that regular Temple attendance really makes a tangible difference in our lives, in our family relationships and in our outlook on life. Our goals and our attitudes improve and, more often than not, we turn those smiles upside down and smile those frowns away. I’m grateful to be able to work with a company whose whole purpose is to help you get there more often and create that difference in your life. 
A Temple dress is pure and white and gorgeous in every sense of the word. If you’re in need of one – you need to check out Shop Elle and Anne. They have several different styles. You’re bound to find one that’s right for you. I love this Scoti style that I chose. I love the wrap affect and … Drum roll please … The pockets!! For smuggling Jolly Ranchers into the endowment sessions 👍This dress makes me feel beautiful and elegant and is just what I needed. If your New Years Goal is regular Temple attendance, then #treatyoself to a new dress to help you achieve that goal. 
Right now at Shop Elle and Anne you can use code “jamie” at checkout to get 10% off your purchase. 
Thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen. .. I know of at least one gentleman that’s reading this post .. Love you babe!  .. Just ignore that hypnotist thing. Nothing to see hear.
Happy Tuesday everybody! I’d love to hear about your special Temple dresses and especially if you purchase one I’d love to know which style you chose! 

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  1. Leanne Ruesch says: Reply

    Jolly Ranchers??!! You’re cute! Love the dress!

    1. Of course!! They last longer than gummy bears and they taste better than mints hahahah love you grandma!

  2. Thanks for pointing out that a temple dress is means much more than any other dress in your closet. I don’t know much about the LDS church, but my niece is LDS and about to take her endowments out. I only know because it’s an important day for her so we’re having a family get-together afterwards. It’s great to have a little glimpse into her church. Thanks for sharing your great photos and experiences!

  3. “Unless of course your actual wedding dress is sitting in their”.

    THERE, not THEIR.

    1. ericksenjamie says: Reply

      Thanks Lynne! I do actually know the difference between there, they’re and their but my fingers just get to typing so fast haha

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