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I’ve been known to skip my scripture study a time or two.  … Or five … Each week.  Yikes!  The thing is, I have amazing intentions! And then my follow-through is consistently less than amazing.  Scripture study is one of those “primary answers” that I know I need to be better at each Sunday and then Monday hits and I guess with it, hits the amnesia.  Because then I forget all about m intentions of reading more, reading better, or just reading in general.  And I’m not just talking about reading in general.  Sometimes I’m a dang good reader.  (Especially Nephi Chapter 1 – I’m dang good at reading that one.)  But it’s the pondering and feasting part that I haven’t always been perfect at, you know? I’ve often got to the end of a chapter and literally said to myself, “Wait .. what did I just read?”.  

Well, last year for Christmas, Santa saw that I had a Book of Mormon study guide on my Christmas list and, I guess, despite my terrible studying habits, I made it on the Nice List because he totally came through and dropped one down my chimney!  I started using this study guide a year ago with a new years goal to read The Book of Mormon in 365 days.  I quickly fell in love with it.  I wanted something that was going to help me read and ponder on a deeper level.  Deeper than “Wow, he dwelt in a tent.  Like – he literally was living in a tent.  I wonder if the tent had one of those mosquito nets … and a rain collector? .. ”  More like – “what eternal principles can I learn from this passage?”  So, I told my hubby over and over how much I loved it and he was like … “If you love it so much why don’t you just marry it?”  .. Jk – he never said that.  90’s jokes coming at ya.

But this study guide was just what I was looking for.  I love the way it allows me to doodle while I read.  That was like, my #1 favorite pastime in school.  Doodling.  Just ask my friend Kaylie Christensen … Kaylie – if you’re reading this, I want a copy of our comic strip series from high school!  Doodling helps my brain to work.  And according to some research I read .. in a book .. doodling helps to combat daydreaming and actually aids memory.  I have found this to be true.  And considering how to apply my doodles to the scriptures and chapters really aids in my comprehension.  Which means, I actually remember what I read now guys! When I re-read scriptures now I’m not thinking .. When did they add this to Alma .. I don’t remember ever reading this before … Now I think – Oh yeah! I remember this story!  He cuts the guys arms off! This is my favorite part!  I’m popping some corn.  

I’m so excited to re-read the Book of Mormon this year and doodle some new doodles and learn some new learns. I’m giving away a copy of this amazing study guide on my Instagram account so head over and enter!  You will not regret it! I would love to hear your guys’ new years goals!  It’s so empowering for me to hear what everyone commits to improving and learning each year.  We are wonder women and men people! Fist bump!

Thanks for reading y’all! Happy New Year! 

4 Replies to “Book of Mormon Study Guide”

  1. This is ME! I’m the worst at reading my scriptures! It I do love them. (Is that allowed?)
    This was so sweet and true and funny!
    “I’m popping some corn” ???

    1. ericksenjamie says:

      Britt! So glad you enjoyed!! Haha I knew I couldn’t be the only one! In all honesty, my favorite version of the scriptures to read is the illustrated version I read to the girls …. lol

  2. You inspire me and make me laugh and do a great job raising the most beautiful girls anywhere. And… Oh, thanks for loving my boy. He is the luckiest.

  3. Wait, did you know there’s more to the BOM? It doesn’t end with Mosiah. You’ve got tons of new noodling yet ahead!

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