My Sister’s Closet Boutique

Two things I have been obsessed with lately.  “This Is Us” on Hulu  (consumed only in unhealthy doses of course) and florals!  Wait, crap.  Ruffles too! I’ve been crushing on ruffles too.  So let’s make that three things.  

I love that I jumped on the “This Is Us” bandwagon a tad late too because that means I can BINGE watch episodes.  While I binge on ice cream and Lays dill pickle potato chips.  Kate and I have approximately the same appetite.  I’m not proud.  But I am grateful for Toby’s support.  He loves me anyway!

My other obsessions, although healthier on a caloric level may not be deemed “healthier” on a financial level, are florals and ruffles.  Nothing says Spring more than florals.  Also, nothing says “I shop on” more than florals .. Am I right?  Who else catches my drift? No shame here though.  Jane’s killing it.  I should know – they basically slaughtered my wallet this month. 

This darling top My Sister’s Closet Boutique sent me is perfect for Spring!  Florals, ruffles, ivory and all.   Although, I hear Spring is a bit of a sensitive subject to most of my friends who dwell in a state that rhymes with crouton … minus the n.  Or blue claw?  I’m not so sure – rhyme zone failed me on this topic.  By whose say-so does “keyhole saw” belong in the “rhymes with Utah” catgeory? 

My Sister’s Closet Boutiqe has always had the cutest clothes.  Like, break the 10th commandment kind of cute.  And yes, I am guilty.  I’m just so glad they sent me this darling top so I didn’t have to break the 11th commandment.  Which is “Thou shalt not fib to your husband about how much you spent on online orders … nor shall you ask the shop to place a “Congratulations on winning this!” sticker on your box.”  I may also be guilty of this one as well … ?.   

For all you ladies stuck in Utah (might as well be Alaska), use code JAMIE10 to get 10% off your order of Spring goodies at My Sister’s Closet Boutique.  Don’t worry .. I even linked you straight to their New Arrivals.  You’re welcome.  While you’re binge watching This Is Us and crying about the snow outside – order you some goodies.  I’ll let the florals say whatever you want them to say girl.   And if you’re not in Utah, you’re probably in a place where you can actually use cute new spring clothes so .. duh.  You need to use this coupon code. 

Thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen .. and Stefan ? … By the way honey, I was totally kidding about the online orders thing.  I would never.  I really DID win those $200 shoes last week.  .. And the whole new Cat and Jack spring line from Target for the girls. Love you!

Top: c/o My Sister’s Closet Boutique

Jeans: Target

Shoes: Target




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