Spring Trends I am Loving

Normally Spring is my jam. My peanut butter and jam! Because 28 years ago, on a gorgeous Spring day, this earth was blessed with my presence. I was born on a day that was “not too hot, not too cold, all you needed was a light jacket”. April 26th y’all. That’s ma burfday. Now I know the “perfect date” is technically April 25th but for the purpose of this opening paragraph, it is close enough mmk?

This year, however, Spring can pucker up and kiss my hiney! Because this Spring has consisted of me being a single mom while my hubs is off working for Uncle Sam, flying that sexy jet and living that TDY life. He’s missed Easter, my aforementioned birthday, Tess Ingrid Ericksen’s (I just love her full name with all my heart) first birthday, our 8th anniversary, and hims about to miss Mother’s Day. The day that celebrates my uterus housed and subsequently evicted these three beautiful genetic derivatives of he and me. Kind of a big deal.

But it’s fiiiiiiiiine. I’m so over it! It’s not like he’s also going to miss the upcoming Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, Valentine’s Day, and St, Patricks day as well. …. Oh wait. ?

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So needless to say, I am a little bitter this Spring.

But one thing I do love about Spring is Spring fashion! And to make myself feel better about solo parenthood I have been following Ariana Grande’s advice and making retail therapy my new addiction.

Some of fave trends this season are scarves!

What’s that you say? You thought scarves were a winter trend? Think again my friend! Scarves are all the rage currently and can be worn so many fun was! Hair scarves, neck scarves, purse scarves! Gimme all the scarves!

I shared on my stories the other day a friend of mine is selling these cute scarves to raise money for IVF so if you’re in need of some, kill two birds with one stone and support her amazing cause! Give her a reason to celebrate Mother’s Day next year! Mention my name and you will get a discount on 2 mama scarves or a mama and baby scarf combo!

Hair clips are another one of my loves this season. I covet all hair clips. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it. I’ve linked my favorite ones here! Gimme all the hair bling!

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Slide sandals are another must have and I feel like I can’t really have enough, ya know? And at this price point, my wallet agrees will allow it. Target is one of my favorites for sandals duh. For the whole family really. It’s also my favorite place for every single thing that is not on my list and I absolutely don’t need but buy anyway because it makes me.

My last fave are wide leg pants. I know I know. You are going to unfollow me because I said it, right? What’s fashion if it’s not a little outside your comfort level right? You think NYFW models want to plaster rhinestones to their ta-ta’s and wear orange lipstick? (Actually, they probably do because they’re making bank!) But they do it for the name of fashion, and in turn, we wear things slightly beyond our comfort levels. So rip off those joggers and try some of these liberating babies on! I love this pair that I just purchased because they’re high waist and they’re also a tapered wide leg so it’s not like full commitment yet. Just a “dip my big toe in the water” commitment, ya feel me?

Alright friends! Thanks for reading! If you want to do something for my birthday, SHARE this post or PIN any of the images from it! I would appreciate it so much if you did either of the above!

My shirt c/o Poppy & Dot

I love you all! Thanks for reading!