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Now that Nora is 4, I am really starting to get emotional about her growing up.  I used to post the cliche picture each year on her birthday about her being “one year older” and “my mommy emotions are all over the place” because “how did my baby get so big blah blah blah”.  It’s just something you do if you’re a mom.  But really, it never bothered me much and I have enjoyed Nora getting older and learning more and being able to enjoy more … (and buckle herself in the car seat.  That’s been a big one).  But when her 4th birthday came around .. 46 days ago to be exact .. It really started to hit me that she is NOT a baby anymore.  She is a big kid.  I can shop for her in the “little girls” section now (sobbing emoji).  The kid can wear 4T now for pete’s sake.  And some idiot thought they could just combine 4T/5T on the tag.  Like, what the F.  You can’t just take away a year of my child’s life like that Cat and Jack! Give me back my 4T!  5T needs to wait it’s turn! I am not ready for Nora to associate with 5T.  (sobbing emoji again and again and again) (followed by some chocolate emoji)

I decided I needed to celebrate Nora’s “new number” (as she would put it) with a little mother daughter photo shoot.  I figured to put my mommy heart at ease I would find the joy in her growth and “maturity”.  She is really turning into a beautiful young girl and I love that she wants to be Mommy’s best friend.  She still wants to hold my hand in public, she still gives me kisses on the lips with people watching, she still thinks I’m funny and thinks I am a good singer AND requests I serenade her at times.  I wanted some focus on the beautiful relationship we have and the beauty in her growth and development.  

One of my favorite things about being a mommy to girls is that we can match!  It’s like a dream come true.  Babies and mommies deserve to match.  … And had I birthed a son either of the two times I brought children into this world … I may have dressed him in girls clothes too just so that he didn’t miss out on this beautiful tradition.  

Sweet Peekaboo sent me this darling Mommy and Me set for Nora and I and I knew we had to use them in our mother daughter photo shoot.  It was so sweet to see her face light up at the idea of matching me.  How sweet that she wants to be like me?  Her silly old mom who is nothing but flawed.  

I am grateful for the blessing of Motherhood and that I have the ability to embark on this journey with these beautiful girls of mine.  I am grateful for the ups and downs and all the learning that comes as result of those successes and trials.  I love being able to discover myself in the process of raising my babies.  I hope my girls will always see themselves the way that I see them.  Completely perfect in every way.  

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    Loved this post!! What a fun tribute to your big girl!

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