7 Days of Thanksloving

I have thoroughly enjoyed blogging the last six months.  I hope you guys have enjoyed following my crazy blogging journey.  It has been so fun to express myself through this avenue.  I enjoy blogging most about things that I am passionate about, and I am most passionate about my family.  My roles as a wife and mother define me.  I don’t see them as a burden, but as a blessing.  Taking on each of these roles have been promotions in my life.  I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be married to such a wonderful man and to have two beautiful babies of our own.  I have always wanted to be a wife and subsequently, a mom and it’s in these roles that I find true joy and success.  

I’m passionate about my marriage.  I’m in love, I’m in love and I don’t care who knows it!  .. I really really do love my husband.  He is truly my better half.  We are mooshy gooshy romantics who like PDA a little too much probably.  We’ve been married 5 years and I feel as though we are still newlyweds.  That spark is still there.  And I know why we are so happy.  It’s because I am married to the most self-less man on earth.  He is always making sure that I am happy even if it means sacrificing a little of his happiness.  His actions are contagious.  He makes me want to be a better person  and a better partner.  And you know what, this is where we find happiness.  Serving others.  Basically, Gandhi was right. 

Mr. Ericksen and I love to go on dates.  We try to have date night once a week.  Our date night budget is seriously bigger than our grocery budget. …(But not bigger than my shopping budget) .. Priorities right?  I love to think of new ways to spoil this guy and show him how much I appreciate all he does for me.  So, I have decided to embark on a new little journey through my blogging and share my brainstorming with all you ladies who are also looking for ways to spoil your significant others.  I want to promote the beauty and joy of marriage by sharing tips, and fun ideas to keep our marriages healthy, and full of love .. (and lovin’ if you know what I mean .. wink wink)! 

Today I am going to share with you The 7 days of Thanksloving!  It’s one of my favorite ways to show my hubby how grateful I am for him!  

Mr. Ericksen has been gone the past 8 weeks learning how to dog fight and do sexy man stuff.  I miss him to death.  I like to spoil him all year long but especially during the holidays! It’s the season of giving right?  There’s definitely ways to spoil him from miles and miles … and miles away … but I couldn’t celebrate with my usual 7 days of Thanksloving.  So I decided I would share with y’all and I can live a little vicariously through you this Thanksgiving!  

The whole idea behind the 7 Days of Thanksloving is to give your hubby 7 days of “Thank You” notes that include an idea for showing him your gratitude as well.  I have designed 12 different “Thank You” date night notes.  You choose the 7 that fit you best.  I have included several sexy ways of showing your thankfulness as well, but if bedroom talk makes you blush –  don’t worry.  There are 7 cards for you sans sexy talk!  

I truly hope you guys find joy in using these cards and can enjoy 7 thankful date nights with your husband this beautiful season of thanks.  

If you enjoyed this post and would like to see more date night ideas and printables, please leave a comment!

If you are going to use this – let me know and please share with your friends who may enjoy this.  Pin pin away!

Happy Thanksgiving guys! Show those hubbies why you are so grateful to have them in your lives.  They deserve to know.

Download Thanksloving Sheet 1

Download Thanksloving Sheet 2 

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