Valentine’s Day Look

Just in case y’all were wondering, I AM still alive. I don’t feel like I am back to normal. And I am really looking forward to that. I want to wake up without pain and be able to eat all the things and drink my DP out of a straw .. but right now all I can manage is chicken broth and ibuprofen. Whoopee. But I did put on jeans and managed to have a photoshoot therefore, it must be documented.

It’s almost one of my favorite days of the year! It used to be my absolute least favorite days of the year. The day when I had to send myself candygrams at school so people wouldn’t know that I was a loser with a capital L. The day that I would fill the void in my heart with NCMO’s and Chinese takeout. The day that reminded me again and again that nobody wanted to be my one and only. But, and a big but, I now have my own personal everyday Valentine who brings me flowers not only on February 14th, but several days of the year. Someone who cares more about me and my feelings than his own. Someone who always takes the high road for my sake. Someone who doesn’t let a day pass without not only telling me, but showing me that I am the love of his life and he will do anything for me.

My whole world revolves around this guy and basically everyday is Valentine’s with him. I really don’t think there’s a more perfect couple out there. #sorrynotsorry

We take turns planning Valentine’s day in our house and this year it’s Mr. E’s turn. I’m excited for whatever it may be but I really hope there’s junk food, back tickles …. and sleeping in involved! All you dudes, take notes. Get your girl some pizza and pillow talk. ❤️

If you’re still looking for a V-day look. This ASOS heart top is the perfect amount of love and can be dressed up or down .. even thrown over some cute silky nightwear if the mood is right 😉

ASOS has free 2 day shipping for only $19 a year!! That’s 365 days of free 2 day shipping! And, they have the easiest returns! Which is so valuable to this Momma who ain’t got time for the post office or printing labels or paying to send ish back! It makes my closet the fitting room and I 110% love ASOS. Which is fitting given that it is love month.

Gimme all the chocolate, sparkling cider (#mormonprobs) and sappy love cards cause it’s LOVE month! So excited to celebrate my dude!

Also, just out of curiousity … when has it ever worked in someone’s favor to talk smack on another girl during a season of the Bachelor or Bachelorette? Like, I’m really baffled that girls stilllllll continue to gossip about other girls? It’s easy math. Contestant + Mentioning Another Contestant = Both Contestants Go Home. Just a thought. Or fact. If you plan to be a contestant on the Bach – keep other girls’ names out yo mouth! You’ll thank me later.

Thanks for reading loves! I’d love to know what you have planned for Valentine’s day this year! Any fun surprises or fun traditions??

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