Family Halloween Costume Ideas

Guys.  Guess what? … Halloween is only 7 weeks away!  That means if you are less than mediocre on a sewing machine but insist on hand-making your family’s costumes every year, you should start …. yesterday.  Therefore I am late … again. Procrastination is my middle name.  

I still cannot decide what we’re going to dress up as this year.  The problem is that I love family costumes.  It’s been our tradition … up until this year where our kids actually think they are allowed to have a preference in their costume.  HA! And they think I am just going to let them dress up as characters like Shimmer and Shine?!? … Sobbing emoji.  How do I trick them into loving family costumes as much as I do for years and years to come? 

I was thinking of even going with a Disney theme to be more appealing to the kiddos. Nope.  They hated every single thing I suggested.  So I either have to let go of my Halloween hopes and dreams and aspirations …. (which is not going to happen).  Or I have to make 2 costumes for each kid.  Which mathematically is not possible since it will take me roughly 7.34 weeks to complete just one costume.  … Wish me luck.

In the meantime – here are some fun family costume ideas that we have dressed up as over the years.  

This my friends – is Baby Nora – 4 weeks old on her very first Halloween.  This is where the family costume magic began.  Before you all ask a million questions – yes. I did make this masterpiece ALL by myself ?

Not pictured: Daddy as a shark attack victim and Mommy as a lifeguard.  I’ll spare you.

The next year, we decided to go as a couple of bandits and their stolen bag of loot.

Nora was thrilled obviously.

Next up, The Incredibles

We had just moved to Florida and didn’t realize how dang hot and humid it would stillllll be in October.  We looked dang good.  But man did we pay for it.  

One of my favorites was the crew from Little Red Riding Hood.

(I cannot get enough of these girls!)

Which brings us to last year when we were riding solo. Thanks Air Force.  

But dang we were the cutest circus crew ever.  

Needless to say, I love Halloween.  So any tips to convincing my children that their costume ideas are lame and mine are way better would be much appreciated.  

What are you dressing (your kids) up as this year??