Gingham & My Favorite Jeans

I love gingham.  I don’t know what it is about it. It could be the fact that the very word gingham is the word that won me the spelling bee in the fourth grade. Boooooom!  G-I-N-G-H-A-M. That spells I am the best speller at North Elementary … and the biggest nerd too. ? The nerdiness followed me for years to come.  So really I should be cursing the word … and the pattern.  But if I banned gingham, I would have to ban picnics and I am just not one to ban anything that involves food.  Fasting and I really have a hard time getting along.  

These jeans are my absolute favorite.  AB-SO-LUTE!  High-rise jeans are like my secret weapon.  They remind me not to eat too much …  When I start chowing on my 8th taco – they start telling me to STOP or I am gonna have to use the rubber band trick for my pants to still fit.  If you don’t know what the rubber band trick is … you’ve either never been pregnant or never had issues with self control around carbs like me.  I commend you.  Get them at Shop Bop for under $90!

Can we talk about these shoesies for a minute??  I feel a little like my Dad in the 90’s and I kind of love it.  I just wish they had those awesome tassels!  Get them at Old Navy – they’re on sale for $20!

These sunnies from ZeroUV are so classic.  I love feeling like John Lennon for a minute.  AND they are less than $10!! 

Thanks for reading ladies and gentlemen … and Dad.  

Love you all!