Kids General Conference Worksheet

I have never been more excited for a session of General Conference as I am for this one. I have never felt more ready to hear what the leaders of our church have to say. I have never felt like my life was in more turmoil and, never have I ever needed guidance, confirmation and direction more than I do now. To any readers in the future: google Coronavirus Pandemic March 2020. That should bring you up to speed. Once you sift through the millions of hilarious memes.

If you’re looking for resources to keep your kiddos, dare I say, quiet, during conference – I whipped up this little guy last night. Should keep them entertained for approximately 3.6 minutes … or until the choir sings the opening hymn. Wait …. who is going to be doing the singing? This should be interesting.

Studies show that when we engage multiple senses, we make more cognitive connections and can better process information. I pray my kids are soaking up the spirit and spiritual benefits of conference via osmosis. But wishful thinking leads me to hope that they can actually adopt concepts and principles from the speakers. If engaging their senses is the golden ticket – then you can call my girls Veruca Salt and Violet Beauregarde. Cause them babies are going to the Chocolate Factory flying on the wings of their own testimonies.

You can download this printable for FREE in Color or Black and White!

I hope you all enjoy this conference!



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