Life is Good with Darigold Fit

Life has been good. And crazy. And different. And wonderful. And unknown. And happy. Mostly happy. We are so happy to be back together as a family. Even if our life looks different than it did when Mr. E left.

It looks different regardless of COVID because he was gone for 70% of a year and the kids have changed so much. Also my hair. My hair has gone through all the stages of grief. So yeah, things look different.

We tried to hold fast to some of our family traditions during the deployment. One of those being a big Saturday breakfast brunch. (Edited to brunch because my desired wake time is usually in the double digit hours.)

We switched it up a bit while Daddy was gone though. We started using Darigold Fit Milk! And it’s one of the changes that is remaining.

We’ve loved Fit Milk because a few of us in this house (not naming any names … cough cough me and Nora) have sensitive tummies when it comes to lactose. Our symptoms need not be divulged. But I’m happy to share that we have been symptom free since switching to Darigold Fit!

Darigold Fit is lactose free in three varieties; whole, chocolate milk, and 2%. You’re also getting 75% more protein and 40% less sugar per serving. Not only are you able to digest it better, but it’s packing more good into you favorite meals! Whether that be a Saturday brunch, or a midnight stack of cookies dipped in milk!

I’ve loved being able to enjoy a bowl of cereal without paying for it later .. (if you catch my drift). On top of being able to enjoy new recipes, I’m grateful that it’s a healthier option for my girls.

I’m all heart eyes about this milk! If you struggle with some lactose intolerance or even just lactose discomfort – try Darigold Fit! And if you want a better-for-you milk option, you guessed it, try Darigold Fit!