Pregnancy Update 22 Weeks

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I have been so terrible lately about blogging.  Well, if we’re being honest, I have been pretty terrible about most things.  Laundry, cleaning, shaving, monitoring TV time for my munchkins, cooking meals … the usual.  I was gonna be dedicated to updating my blog weekly on my pregnancy … and so far this is my first update so … #goals. 

I am 22 weeks along and boy do I feel it! Baby girl is the size of a spaghetti squash! And when I say it, that sounds huge! … But then I look down and realize, well, duh.  I have just barely gotten back to my pre-pregnancy weight! Hyperemesis is no joke and has literally taken it all out of me.  Even though I feel like the scale must be lying to me because my hips don’t lie!  ?? 

I got a Snoogle Maternity pillow for Christmas (thank you Santa) and since December 25th my sleep has improved tremendously! Other than the 11 times I have to use the porcelain throne every night ?

I can’t remember much from the girls’ pregnancies, but it really seems like this little lady is way more active than Nora or Gwen.  She is the kickingest fetus I ever did feel. 

I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions pretty consistently .. again, I can’t remember if I had them this early with the girls ? That amnesia is really a kick in the pants!

My belly button is still in but I REALLY miss wearing all my pants.  I do not know how to look cute while pregnant ?? 

I am super excited to meet this littly lady and figuring out a name for her … or convincing my husband that my name choice is the best one.

……….. also I just sneezed and peed my pants so … I’m looking forward to not wetting myself everytime I cough, sneeze, or jump.  

Hopefully next week I will have some better pictures and less underwear changes. In the meantime, this top is majorly on sale and this coat is only $40!   

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3 Replies to “Pregnancy Update 22 Weeks”

  1. Leanne Ruesch says:

    My mom had three daughters! love love love

  2. Love this post. I’m pregnant with my first and am 19 weeks along. It seems like I can never get comfortable at night now, so I’ll have to check out snoogle pillow.

    1. ericksenjamie says:

      Congrats!! Let me know what you think if you try out the pillow. It has totally helped me sleep more restlessly! Pregnancy + sleep just do not go together very well haha

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