Back To School Girls’ Try On VLOG

Although I did the bulk of our Back To School shopping online, because I am a mom. With three kids. Who, despite my best efforts in coaching, don’t live for a day at the mall. Teach a man to fish woman to shop and you feed him for a lifetime you fill her with joy for a lifetime. Like it’s just plain science.

But at the end of the day, I remember school-clothes shopping and the joyous tradition it was. Even though by the age of 8 I was doing household chores allllllll summer to save money for school clothes. While my now 13 year old sisters do nooooothing to earn their own money for clothes. Just sayin’. Anybody else recognize their parents’ adopt more lenient policies with the “babies” of the family? Mmm hmm …

I want the girls to start storing away these memories of shopping with Mom! … At least I thought I did until we stepped into Old Navy the other day and I realized I am not prepared for Nora’s sense of style. It is not what I would call … fashionable? I want to support her in her finding her “true self” unless that means condoning awful graphic tees.

For the most part she sees me as a “fashionista” and respects my opinion. But I’m not gonna say I didn’t sneak a few things out of the shopping cart.

Check out the girls’ try-on video here!

We may have gone a little overboard on the cheetah/leopard print this year. But animal print is also a neutral so therefore, you can never have too many neutrals. I’ve linked ALL of our favorite cheetah print goodies from this season! So many for SO cheap!

I am getting very excited about school starting this year. I am excited for schedules, and full-day kindergarten! Baby Tess and I will have so much time for activities!