NEW Box Tops + Back-To-School Printable

This post is sponsored by General Mills and Nestle, but all opinions are my own.

It’s that time of year friends! And I am feeling very bittersweet about the topic of “back-to-school”. Back-to-school means Fall is coming, and with Fall comes my hubby’s deployment, so I’d say I’m feeling about 90% bitter about the whole thang. 10% sweet because BOTH my older girls are going to school full-time and I will have a lot of one-on-one time with Baby Tess and that will definitely be sweet.

Now that school is here – it’s time to start thinking of all the school things. Like, having to wake up early, homework, fundraisers, bullies, all the things. There are, some positives too …. right? …

Oh yeah! I remembered one! Shopping! School clothes shopping! (Definitely my favorite part of returning to a school building) But another fun one is school lunch box shopping! Bring on all the bulk buying at Sam’s Club!

Not only can you buy bulk quantity at Sam’s Club, but you can also find a ton of Box Tops for Education eligible General Mills and Nestleā„¢ products! And although the clipping can be fun, it gets monotonous. If you’re sick of clipping, you’re in luck! Because Box Tops are going digital!

The best news of all is that Sam’s Club has an exclusive offer – Buy 1 Get 12 Box Tops with their new digital program! So keep buying those General Mills products, and start scanning those receipts in the app to automatically earn Box Tops for your school! You can also keep clipping during this transition period, but it will soon be all digital. We have a little  container to keep our last clippings before we go full on digital!

With all the time you save not clipping Box Tops – you can fill out this all about me form with your kiddos as they start a new school year. The printable is FREE below! Enjoy friends!