Best Online Sales

I’m not exactly sure why I am online shopping currently. Sounds like I am not going to have anywhere to go or anyone to see … for like … forever. So realistically I could stay in my pajamas forever. But something about being stuck at home and spending all the money I don’t have makes me feel better! Plus all this pajama wearing means I need new pajamas. My Hogwarts T-shirt (circa. 2012) and cheer sweatpants are getting old. Literally.

I just hit up the Old Navy sale and EVERYTHING is 50% off. So, they’re basically giving stuff away …

I snagged some stuff for myself and my girls. Nothing like a sale to make it easy to replenish the kids’ ever-changing closets!! Why do these things grow so dang fast?!

I also stopped by the H&M sale … online of course.

And make no mistake, I picked up the essentials. Toilet Paper No. Wait. Sweats. (We are stocked on TP thanks to amazing friends!) Now the only necessity is comfy, cute, loungewear to get me through COVID-19 quarantine.

I’ve rounded up the best sales currently so you can stop, drop, and shop and forget for a moment, that you are cooped up in your home. But can you really forget? With every single one of your offspring there next to you? … right there. Like, literally sitting on your lap probably.

If not, dream of days to come when you can actually be seen in these outfits without posting it on the gram.

Oh well. C’est la (crappy) vie!

Happy Quarantine!

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