Resources for Quarantine with Kids

So. 2020. Am I right?

What a year this has been. And to think that I have handled all this garbage without my husband! I am so ready for him to be home and dealing with this madness with me. But unfortunately, it seems like the madness will end up delaying him. And the word just came that school is cancelled here as well so I went to work finding all the resources I could to help us survive and thrive during this time of quarantine!

Six Minutes – We love this podcast. My kids (and my immature self) are totally hooked on the storyline. I love that each episode is only 6 minutes so we can listen to them on a quick drive to the grocery store, or dance class … although there won’t be much of that going on in the near future … You can find this podcast on Spotify and The Podcast App too!

House of Roots – House of Roots is an online subscription company specializing in games and activities every month that are centered around core values and delivered straight to your inbox! The first month is free with the code FREEBIE and all previous months are 50% off! I can attest to the intention and detail that this company focuses on. I love their pages! And what a better time to hone-in on those core values we are always trying to promote.

Kids Yoga on YouTube – My kids will sit through an hour of these yoga sessions. I am not even kidding you. She is so interactive in her yoga classes – and I love getting the kids’ bodies moving first thing in the morning!

Mindful Meditation and Sleep Meditation for Kids – For when the kids are struggling to fall asleep at night but you are just so so ready for them to be lights out. My girls beg for these guided sleep meditations. And I am excited to try out mindful meditation for them this week. I know I feel anxious and panicked inside. And they’re picking up on that. It’s a whole vibe. If we all participate in mindful meditation together, hopefully we can put some of those “bad vibes” to rest … until I get the next text message or hop on Facebook again …

Go Noodle – Go Noodle is a fun program my kids use in their physical education program at school. They love it so much they downloaded the app to my phone – and now they’ve got me moving and a groovin’ to 90’s songs! This will be a fun little substitute for P.E.

Free I Spy printable activity – I’m all about FREE activities! Something about printables makes them more legit and fun for the kids! It’s like Where’s Waldo.

Car Bingo – I know that the extrovert in me is going to really struggle with the being cooped up lifestyle. So to the car we shall go. I found this free Car Bingo game sheet printable and I knew we would be participating. Locking the kids in their car seats. Turning on some music. Drive. Have them look for things out the window. Reward the winner with a McDonalds drink … if they’re still open by then ?

Escape Room – Not a free option, but WELL worth the $11. Especially since you’re not leaving the house … you’re not spending as much. Well, except the $600 extra that you spent on groceries last week. This will keep your kids entertained for hours as they try to ESCAPE from their own room!

Pretend Play Printables – I love pretend play. But having the right tools and toys makes it so much more fun. My favorite game growing up was Grocery Store – but we never had any of the appropriate toys. We had to make fake money, use a stapler and a calculator for a register and scanner, use real food from the pantry. It was pitiful. This link has ALL the printables for all those hours of pretend play your kids are going to be engaging in over the next few weeks.

Learn some Sign Language: Learn the alphabet / Learn colors

Photo Scavenger Hunt – Whose kids doesn’t love stealing their phone and snapping a bunch of random up-close horrific photos? You know the one of the doll’s eyeball that almost gave you a heart attack? Yeah. Your kid is the perfect candidate for this game.

Free Kidz Typing Game – All I hear is Free. Kids love using your computer too so it’s a win/win.

Free Online Art Class – Sign up for the newsletter to have these delivered to your inbox. I used to watch this show Pappy Land. Anybody else?? I loved drawing along with that old but super talented dude. But back then, we didn’t have DVR so you had to RUSH and grab your paper, pencil, crayons, class of water, before he started. Life is so much easier these days.

Cincinnati Zoo Facebook Safari – This Zoo. Can I get an amen? They’re providing fun by hosting a Home Safari Facebook Live each weekday at 3pm where they will highlight one of their amazing animals and include an activity you can do from home!

Master List of Educational Companies Offering FREE Subscriptions During School Closures! – Need I say more? To name a few: ABCMouse, SmartMusic – the list is huge!


Colorly Love LDS – This is what we use weekly to follow the Come Follow Me Outline from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I love that she offers black and white as well as color printables of all her pages. Use code COLOR at checkout for March activities and pages FREE!

Virtual Singing Time for LDS – I believe this couple plans to update weekly with a singing time lesson. Heaven bless them!

7 Day Prayer Challenge – I love this prayer challenge from Work & Wonder. This time is so uncertain. And after all the frustration and fear has left, what’s left is my understanding that I need to rely on my Father in Heaven. He has something he wants me to learn from this. There are blessings in store through all of this. I want to reach out to him and heed his guidance. I am excited to strengthen my relationship with a loving God throughout this time of uncertainty.

Rising Moon Adventures – This page is hosting Come Follow Me Primary Lessons via Facebook Live – complete with lesson materials and printables sent to you inbox!

I will update the list as I find more – but all I can say is wow. People are amazing and I am humbled by the way we are coming together as a community! It is absolutely beautiful. Everyone stay healthy and safe ….. and sane!

And if you need a little pick me up for yourself …. check out this. You’re Welcome.