Easter Lunch Ideas

Hi, my name is Jamie and I love holidays. All of them. I’m not biased like the who’s down in Whoville. Every St. Saint Fizzin’s day, I eat a Fizz pheasant. (Ok. Maybe I am a little biased. Christmas holds a special place in my heart .. but don’t tell The Easter Bunny or the Leprechauns or Cupid or any of those dudes.)

Making Holidays a big deal is a big deal to this momma. I’ve talked about it here and here. (Don’t mind the photobucket graffiti all over the pictures in some of my posts. Those turd ruined several of my blog posts and tried to get hundreds of dollars from me by extorting my photos! Laaaaaaaame.) Nevertheless, I love celebrating and doin’ it up right. I love decorations, and music and and everything that makes special days special. Not a lot of Easter music options out there other than Here Comes Peter Cottontail but you know what I’m saying.

lunch in plastic eggs fun for the easter holiday

My girls have come to know that I like to make fun lunches when it’s near a holiday. In fact, I had to put a limit on it last month. The day after Valentine’s Day Nora started saying, it’s St. Patrick’s Day soon! Can I have a clover leaf lunch? .. I was like dude, the Holiday has to be within a few weeks for me to break out the food coloring and cookie cutters and purchase random groceries that aren’t normally on my list to make these edible creations come to life.

fun food for kids with easter theme

But I truly love making these little bunny lunches, and heart lunches, and pumpkin lunches. And seeing my girls light up over them is pretty special. And having them ask for them time and time again is uber rewarding. I hope these little traditions will be something they cherish and pass down to their offspring. Hopefully one of those offspring containing X and Y chromosomes. I love my girls but by golly one of them better give me a grandson.

easter lunch carrot plastic egg lunch fun food kids

Our Easter lunch consisted of:

Peanut Butter and Jelly Egg Sandwich: Make your PB&J per usual. ALWAYS using red raspberry preserves because there truly is no other option when it comes to jam on a PB&J. Cut the sandwich into an oval shape using an oval cookie cutter and decorate with your favorite candy! We used sixlets to make the polkadots.

bunny baby easter food lunch plastic egg

Carrot: Nora really got a kick out of this carrot. She was like, “it’s a carrot made out of a carrot!” It’s like inception ? So obviously just slice up a carrot lay it out in a triangle shape adorning the top with a lettuce leaf (or any other leafy green you may have on hand).

bunny baby easter food lunch plastic egg

Hard-Boiled Bunny and Chick: I love to buy these little candy eyes for all my “fun food” creations. They come in three sizes and have met all my needs for edible eyes. … That felt weird coming out of my mouth. We just used simple carrot and celery shapes to make these into little spring animals.

bunny baby easter food lunch plastic egg

The last surprise was just filling plastic eggs with surprise treats and watching the excitement … the disappointment because I guess Nora doesn’t like cheddar whales ? How dare I buy generic.

bunny baby easter food lunch plastic egg
bunny baby easter food lunch plastic egg

Hope you guys enjoyed! I’d love it if you pinned any images from this post!

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