Fun Halloween Lunch Ideas for Kids

Halloween Food for Kids

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, “Holidays are my love language!”.  I love everything about every holiday.  Arbor Day is fine, and Easter is pleasant and every Saint Fizzin’s day, we eat a Fizz pheasant.  But my most favorite holidays are Halloween and Christmas. … (and Thanksgiving, and The Fourth of July, and Valentine’s Day .. AH! I cannot choose just one!)  

Since having kiddos, Halloween has become one of my top 2 favorite Holidays.  Sharing Holidays with my offspring is one of the most valuable prizes of motherhood in my opinion.  It’s like looking at a 3D picture without vs. with 3D glasses. (The kids are the 3D glasses in this scenario.)  They truly make the Holidays come alive. Everything’s better with butter kids! 

We try to make the whole month of October Halloweenie .. (that is to say infiltrated by everything Halloween.) The girls and I argue about which festive shows we will watch and which songs we are going to listen to.  Nora’s current favorite is The Monster Mash and Gwen is crushing on Black Magic .. and if anyone cares, my favorite is Glee Cast’s rendition of Time Warp. It gives me all the spooky feels. 

Another way I love making Halloween penetrate our everyday (hate that word. Immediately regretted using it ?) is making festive food.  Food art has become one of my Mom Hobbies.  Most of the time, it’s something I can laugh at and label it a hashtag Pinterest fail.  But sometimes things turn out well enough for me to serve the kids. … PSYCH! I serve it to them whether it’s an 11 out of 10 or not on the scale at all.  

This month we decided on a creepy menu for our Halloween lunch party and it turned out so fun! Making this smorgasbord with my little sidekicks was hectic no doubt. I had egg yolk in my hair and I may have downed three Dr. Peppers in 30 mins, but I’ll cherish those memories.  I’ll forget the huge mess I had to clean up, and Nora and Gwen arguing about whose mummy dog looked better, but I won’t forget the excitement on their faces as their lunches came to life. And I’ll never forget them thanking me for making an “extra special spooky lunch” for them (mostly because I am tattooing it on my arm.) 

Our lunch consisted of:

Mummy Dogs : All Beef Hot Dogs and Crescent Dough. (I used this recipe for the dough but you can obvs use pre-made canned dough)

  • Slit the hot dogs to create arms and legs, (or don’t – we did both) Cut your crescent dough into thin strips and wrap to your hearts content! Bake at 350 for 12 mins, or until crescent dough is golden. Garnish with peppercorn eyeballs. 

Deviled Egg o’Lanterns : Hard Boiled Eggs (I’ve found this to be a fool-proof method for perfect hard boiled eggs) Mayo, Mustard and Yellow and Red Food Coloring, Spinach Leaf and Pretzel for Garnish

  • Cut hard boiled eggs in half, remove yolks and mix with your desired mixture of mayo and mustard. Dye the yolk mixture orange with red and yellow food coloring. Spoon heaping tablespoon of mixture back into egg white halves.  Garnish with pretzel and spinach leaf.

Mouthful of Apples : Honeycrisp Apples, Almond Butter and Mini Marshmallows

  • Slice apples into desired width. Slather almond butter on two slices and sandwich mini marshmallows between buttered slices. 

Monster Babybels : Babybel Cheese Wheels and Edible Eyes (Found in the cake decorating aisle)

  • Cut out desired spooky mouth shapes from Babybel cheese wheels.  Top with as many eyes as you want

There are so many fun ideas for freaky festive food on the interwebs.  No matter what you choose – your kids will give you an A for effort and an F for freaky!

What is your favorite Halloween tradition??

Project Halloween lunch: success! 

Thanks for stopping by friends.