Halloween Costumes

Because … better late than never right? Making these costumes was very fun …. and I also had another F word on my mind a couple of times while sewing .. and re-sewing, and re-sewing, and RE-SEWING! I often enjoy sewing.  For the first 10 minutes of a project. And then by October 30th, I am ready to put my sewing machine away for another 360 days. Just in time to rush through procrastinated Halloween costumes all over again. 

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I got lucky, however, this year with early introduction of these awesome costumes to my very picky daughters who want to dress up as (in my opinion) lame things.  By talking about how cuuuute this poodle girl costume was going to be, and how rockstar this cheerleader was going to be really worked to my advantage.  I only had to start buttering them up in August. But it worked. One more year of getting my way!

For Nora’s skirt, I followed this tutorial.  I will say, however, that I needed to add several inches to the circumference of the skirt so keep that in mind if you are using this tutorial. Or you will, like me, end up using the seam ripper more than your darn sewing machine. 

For her shirt, I bought a white long sleeve shirt and used this tutorial to add the collar. I then printed out the Rydell High logo on iron-on fabric and obviously ironed it onto the front! Some knee high socks, white tennis shoes and pom poms and we had ourselves the cutest Rydell High cheerleader!


For Gwen’s skirt, I made a simple circle skirt similar to this one.  I added the elastic and then the poodle applique with heat n bond.  We added a pink lady jacket, costume glasses, and pure sass. Gwen is the perfect pink lady! 

Tess’ costume was the product of 12 trials and 11 errors. She almost went as a naked baby but trial #12 profited us a success. I made a simple tube dress out of some shiny costume fabric. And the shawl piece was another circle skirt per se with an internal elastic.  Her hat was made by hot gluing curlers onto an old party hat and spray painting the crap out of that bad boy! This. Girl. Was. On. POINT!  If I do say so myself.

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Danny’s costume was found partly at H&M and partly at the thrift store.  And Sandy was brought to you by Express and Amazon.  

If you re-create these costumes you better tag the heck out of me because I WANNA SEE! 

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