Favorite Cheetah Swimsuits

We all know that cheetah / leopard / I don’t know the friggin’ difference, is all the rage right now! And thank goodness. Because the 7 year old in me is finally living her best life! If only Lisa Frank folders would come back in style.

I would say it’s an off day if I don’t have at least one thing with cheetah print. It is most definitely a neutral. A daily neutral.

I’m naturally drawn to animal print so it’s only fitting that I snag some swimsuits that fit the bill. Especially because temps have finally been crawling north on the thermometer. And because 58 degrees means it’s warm enough to consider swimwear.

And because MY HUBBY IS COMING HOME SOON! And we are taking a few different trips that require swimwear as the #1, if not only, thing on our packing lists. It’s been six months, I need to show some skin. … Lots of it! ?

This suit from Albion Fit is so cute! If you are looking for a gooooood quality piece that is going to last you for years, this is definitely worth the investment. This is a suit that will hold you in, the fabric will remain sustainable and supportive and when you are swimming, bending over, chasing kids, getting wedgies, that is exactly what you want from your swimwear.