Mommy and Me with SheIn

Is there actually anything better in life than matching with your little one? It’s basically a right-of-passage. If you are raisin’ them, wipin’ their bums, feedin’ their mouths, you get to wear matching clothes dang it!

I love matching my girls! Not-so-lucky for me, my girls haven’t loved matching with me in the past. At least not to the extent that I have. Like paying $23.79 in overnight shipping so we can match tomorrow level. Like set your alarm for 5:30 AM so we can match ASAP in the morning level. Like pull out the Nikon and take 427 pictures to get “The One” that proves we love each other and match level. Am I the only one?

SheIn just made things a whole lot easier because their Child/Parent line is right on trend with everything else in my closet. I love their affordable and trendy styles! Emphasis on the affordable. So much so that you can justify that $23.79 in overnight shipping #amiright?

Since Nora thinks I am the trendiest person she knows, (luckily she doesn’t know the rule about white after labor day or she would be disgusted with my current fashion faux pas) she recently became tolerant of excited to match with me! She sat with me and helped me pick out her favorites from SheIn and it was a mommy/daughter date from heaven! It’s like all the hard work I put in, forcing her on shopping trips, making her flip through catalogs, styling her Barbies, has finally paid off. The girl loves to shop! SHE IS MY KID!

We are loving twinning these days! If you have a little one and you believe that twinning is, in fact, winning – check out SheIn and use code Jamie315 for an extra 15% off!

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