Upping our Home Security

This post has been compensated by CamHome Technologies. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own.

You all know what’s right around the corner for me and my crew. You know because I am a big baby and have been whining about it for days months.

Our crew is about to be down 1 very important member. The only testosterone in this house is going to be gone for many moons. It’s the Big D guys. Deployment.

Deployment is defined as a long (censored) period of time where the only good thing happening is 20% less laundry and the lack of a need for shaving my legs. It’s when I have to turn into a temporary faux-single parent. (And hopefully don’t turn into Oscar the Grouch right alongside it. It’s the period of time where the #1 and only thing on my to-do list is: Survive.

If that doesn’t sound like rainbows and butterflies .. get this. I also have to take on all the things my hubby usually does. Like mowing the lawn, snow removal, weed whacking (wtf is this and how do I do it?), removing rodents from their traps (insert dry heaving), and then end up hiring a handyman to do alllll the crap that no amount of YouTube videos can teach me to do, and spend a fortune.

One thing I do not have the time for is worrying about our safety even more than I do on a normal basis. (Hi. I’m Jamie and I have paranoia). I don’t have the energy to be stressing about break-ins or burglaries. I am a 95 lb female who would lose in a fight with a blind 80 year old woman. That’s not an exaggeration. I’m not even trying to worry about 80 year old women breaking in here guys. Not. Having it.

Thanks to CamHome Technologies, we have upped our security game and I can be made aware of any motion detected in and around our home. This is a sleek and stylish, advanced IP camera that streams 1080p video to your favorite phone! It links to my phone so I can see real-time who be creepin’ around my premises. When I am at my hair salon, I get notifications of the mail-man dropping off packages to my front door. (Packages that I paid extra for the sender to label as “Congratulations on winning this giveaway”). When I’m in my restroom, I get notifications that my kids are walking near the front door. You can never be too careful. This camera features 360 degree swivel, night vision, motion and sonic detection, and up to 128GB of security storage. It’s easy to setup and in minutes you can be keeping an eye on your home, your belongings or your pets from a simple app! Use code OLVA35OFF to receive 35% off your own CamHome camera!

Thanks to CamHome I feel more safe in my home. And that’s priceless to me during these next few months. I am grateful to my hubby and men and women alike who risk their lives to protect our safety and freedoms.