Keeping Our iPad Safe

It’s a well known fact that we have 30 really greasy, grimy, chubby, little toddler fingers in this house. 30 dirty little electronics magnets. These kids love all things that start with i. iPhone, iPad, iMac, iRemote to our television … iEverything. They attract the goods. And then they usually break all the iThings.

Did you know! However, that we have had the same iPad for 4 years and it is 100% scratch and crack free?! Did you? Did you?

Raise your hand if you have also have kids and an iPad that looks brand spankin’ new? (I can’t see y’all through the world wide webiverse … but I think nobody is raising their hand) It is just inevitable that anyone under the age of 12.73 is 100% likely to break something that has a screen. Back in the day kids used to break windows with their baseballs. Now they crack screens with the ground. (Over and over again). And based on that definition I must be under the age of 12.73 because I too am guilty of ground + screen dilemma.

Back to the reason our iPad is still flawless .. it’s called Rug-Ed! Rug-Ed has produced the best case in the world for iThings.

We just switched to the newest version of their prolock case and I’m not exaggerating when I say it took my husband and myself 2 days to get the iPad out of the old case. It’s THAT good. 2 days and a myriad of power tools guys. This case is childproof (and adultproof if you’re an adult like me).

The case is simple to install yet stays put (re-read the last paragraph if you need further proof of this statement.) And not only does it protect from all the elements, it also has awesome functionality features. The “kickstand” makes it simple to prop the iPad up for your toddler’s viewing pleasure.

We have used this case for 4 years and have never looked back. This is the only case I will ever wrap my iThings with! Check out Rug-Ed for all your electronic protection needs!

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