New Swimsuit for Summer

“What time is it? Summertime!” 


Want to know something fun about me?  I was in High School Musical 2 as a backup dancer!  I know, I know. You all want my autograph.  It goes for about $97.  It’s a heck of a deal.😉 

I bring that up, not only to brag, although I’m definitely not above that – especially when I’ve literally touched Zac Effron’s sweater (everyone has the right to brag when they’ve intimately touched a Disney Channel celebrity 😉) but I also bring it up because that fun summertime song from High School Musical is stuck in my head lately. We skipped that good ole’ season I like to call Spring and just jumped straight into Summer here. Hot, sweaty, humid Summer.  The season where Taco Tuesday is accompanied by sweat tacos.  Yum.  When all you want to wear is a swimsuit but have to comply with everyone’s “No Shoes, No Shirt” policy. (huge eye roll). When all you want to do is look cute but the only look you can pull off is the sweaty messy bun look … and not the sexy version but more like .. the Trunchbull version.  😩


I take advantage of every opportunity I have to wear a swimmer in the summer.  Pool? I’m there,  Splash pad? My kids aren’t the only ones in their suits. Snow cones?  You bet I’m not wearing jeans.  Target? … They won’t let you.  I already tried.  😉  Unless! Unless you try on a swimsuit while you’re there and then, just happen to need another size … and also, just happen to get lost trying to find it.  However, you will get some funny dirty looks.

This new swimsuit from Janela Bay is so cute! I love the mix of prints! And the little pineapples?  I can’t even.  

— Just a sidenote here.  I’m catching up on Dancing With the Stars right now, does anybody else HATE how they use those awful Kidz Bop versions of the songs?? Like, the show makes millions and they can’t get the rights to use the original version of “I Want it That Way”?  Nick Freaking Carter is judging the dang show – he didn’t have any hookups to the original track?  Nobody thought to ask him, or he said “no”?  .. It’s mind boggling.  

What’s not mind boggling is how perfect this suit is and how you definitely need it this summer!  

I love Janela Bay and their unique suits! I love the mixing and the matching! Can’t wait to get me some more.  

What’s your favorite swimsuit this season?  Drop me a comment below!

Happy Hump Day friends! 




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