Baby 3 Gender Reveal

Christmas came early for the Ericksen family! We’ve been anxiously awaiting this moment! It’s evident this home has plenty of estrogen floating around.  So we were so eager to find out if Baby 3 would add to the hormone parade or level the playing field a little bit!

Baby 3 is a …


Here’s the thing.  Mother’s intuition is NOT always right.  We were convinced that this was going to be our first little man.  To the point that I had given away all my little lady things and picked out boy names.  I thought the universe was speaking to me and telling me that this baby was growing a stick and berries.  Quite the contrary my friends. 

I have to admit, I was slightly disappointed. And then because I felt disappointed, I felt guilty.  How could I feel sad about a beautiful baby being sent to us? It was hard to swallow and I definitely had to deal with some shame.  Pregnancy is hard for me and I don’t know how many more times I want to do it! But I really felt that there was a son waiting for me.  So I’ll admit that I cried when we found out.  I cried on and off for a day.  Partly because I was hoping for a boy, and partly because I felt like a despicable human being for caring the gender.  

I am happy to say that it only took a day for me to realize, this is MY baby.  My little girl that Heavenly Father is sending to me.  A little girl that needs me to be her mom.  That needs Mr. E to be her dad.  A little girl that is going to be spoiled, and loved unconditionally.  A little girl who will be the perfect addition to our, highly emotional, X-chromosome-laden home.  We are very excited for her!

Thanks for all the love and support.  Thank you to those who helped me feel like I was normal for feeling the way I did.  I am so so grateful for this little princess on the way!  

3 Replies to “Baby 3 Gender Reveal”

  1. Leanne Ruesch says:

    Love, love, love! Love your three daughters! Love your family! Love all the adorable pics! Love your puppy! Congratulations from your bonus grandma!

  2. Nichole Johnson says:

    Welcome to the 3 girl club. I was a little surprised when we learned we’d have 3 weddings to plan someday, but quickly got over it because little girls are just plain fun. I wish us both luck in the teenage years though. Yikes! Haha congrats and enjoy buying more cute girl stuff! ?

  3. So happy for you guys! Congratulations!! We have two girls as well and my husband is hoping #3 (whenever we have a #3) is a boy too! I’m interested to know what your boy names were! We have a hard time with boy names!

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