Easy Holiday Gifts with Jersey Mike’s Subs

This post is sponsored by Jersey Mike’s but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

It’s the MOST wonderful time of the year folks! Like, the absolute best! (Other than this year being a little gloomy due to the big D word. Deployment). We are still trying to get into the Holiday spirit!

Our tree is up, our halls are decked, Alexa is being bossed around daily to play jingle this, jingle that. We love it all. And my favorite way to get into the holiday spirit is to plan out gifts!

Who is your favorite person to shop for? Mine is definitely the kiddos. Knowing I am going to see their faces light up makes all the planning and anticipation worth it!

This year I have to make my Holiday shopping more simple. Being the only parental figure in this house means my workload is double fold. I have so much on my plate with just keeping the kids fed and bathed and their laundry done. Crap. That reminds me. My laundry never got swithed to the dryer last night. MAJOR FACE PALM! Mildewy clothes for days guys.

To help keep my plate less full, I’ve decided on the BEST gift for teachers, neighbors, ministering sisters and brothers, secret santas. Jersey Mike’s Subs Gift Cards are the easiest most delicious gift out there. Jersey Mike’s offers a sub above! This family loves Jersey Mike’s. Especially Tess! The nice employees there always go above and beyond to accommodate Tess.

So to take the stress out of Holiday shopping, I stocked up on a bunch of these Jersey Mike’s Subs Gift Cards! And don’t worry – Mr. E was in on the action too. We make sure our Daddy Doll helps us with all the Holiday plans and activities. The girls wouldn’t have it any other way. The miniature stuffed version of their father is sitting by my side while I assemble all these gifts. And to simplify your holiday shopping even further, you can order Jersey Mike’s gift cards online here!

What’s your go-to easy Holiday gift? What do you give to the hosts of your parties, neighbors, and teachers? I’d love to know!

Thanks for reading friends and be sure to run to your local Jersey Mike’s for Jersey Mike’s Subs Gift Cards this Holiday season!