Fourth of July Bloomers

These darling “bummies” from Lucky and Me are the perfect addition to your red white and blue family outfits for this summer!  

Unfortunately, I don’t have a baby that fits into these anymore (hear my uterus crying?) ..  but I needed them for my niece.    ?  She was the perfect model. A little on the provocative side (refusing to wear a shirt) but it’s nothing I couldn’t handle.  I’ve dealt with my fair share of little ladies opposing clothes and “baring all”.   .. I’ve even dealt with a grown man who suffers from this condition but I won’t drop any names … ?

We love everything patriotic in our house!  And we usually plan our July 4th outfits weeks in advance. This year, however, we are #struggling and #failing and MAJOR procrastinating!  

If you’re procrastinating as bad as me this year, give yourself a little slap on the wrist .. and then treat yourself to a cookie and a soda because life is hard! Mommin’ ain’t easy, right?  

Lucky and Me has these bloomers on Amazon with PRIME shipping!  AND I have a coupon code for you! Use BLOOMR20 to get these babies for less than $8!  

The girls all had fun prancing their dolled up sister/cousin around the neighborhood saying they were having a parade! I just had to share these pictures.