Gwen’s Mermaid Birthday Party

I used to think I was good at party planning. I love to decorate. I love to Pinterest. I love designing. I love Amazon. The works.

And like I said, I used to think I was good at it. … And then Gwen turned 5. And I failed. Hard. Core. Fail.

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I had been planning, purchasing, pinteresting, purchasing, prepping … did I mention purchasing? This party was not cheap. I was all ready the day of to pick up the cake and head over to the venue to start setting up! As I pull into the parking lot I notice a crowd of people sitting at the pavilion where the party was to be held. My crowd of people. The people I had invited. I WAS LATE. I thought I was an hour early to set-up but my guests had all already been there … waiting on me. So instead of spending an hour setting things up and getting everything perfect looking. I had to change my shirt because of the sweat tacos I had just produced. And then enlist the help of my guests to throw up as many decorations as we could before the kiddos lost their patience. And since this was a party for 5 year olds – we didn’t have much time.

Luckily all my friends (who are by default Gwen’s friend’s moms) are awesome and helped me throw everything together. They just started grabbing decor and putting it all in place!

We have such an awesome support system near us and I couldn’t be more grateful.

The wind in this crappy little town did put a damper on things. 5 minutes into prepping, the 6 tablecloths flew away with the wind. And the balloon arch I spent hours constructing barely stayed put. But overall, kids were happy. Kids Bop was danced to. Cake was had. And we partied our little hearts out.

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The food labels were cute and I have a few cute pictures which is what really counts, right?

Another Fail. Was supposed to be blue. I bought the wrong drink mix. Party: 12. Jamie: 0.
That maintenance door backdrop though … #ranoutoftime

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Gwen’s Swimsuit: Target

Balloon Arch: Amazon

Party Favor Drink Floaties: Amazon Cups: Amazon

Party Plates: Amazon

Drink Pitcher: Amazon

Silverware Caddy: Similar Amazon

Gold Party Forks: Amazon

Food Label Holders: Amazon

Gold 5 Balloon: Amazon

Cake: Walmart Bakery


2 Replies to “Gwen’s Mermaid Birthday Party”

  1. I love the oyster cookies with pearls! Everything looks great ox

    1. ericksenjamie says:

      Thank you! It was actually fun to get the kids help on one of the projects!

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