Homeschool Room + Pilot Pens

Welcome to my blog in 2020. If you are reading this in the future, please refer to Google for 2020’s timeline of events (don’t get too lost in the 2020 meme section of the internet).

Baskets / Rug / Chairs / Paper Organizer

2020 has brought a lot of changes and forks in the road. The most interesting – the big mysterious million dollar question: “How Will Us Moms Educate Our Children?”

Rug / Canopy / Side Table / Chair Similar / Canopy

Drum roll please ….. there is no right answer!

Floating Shelf / Paper Roll / Wall Hanging Book Storage

This Mom, however, has chosen to homeschool her kiddos! See this post for a little more on how I came to this decision.

Utensil Organizer

Whether your kids are in school, virtual learning, or homeschooling there are still so many needs this back-to-school season. Prepping for our first homeschool year has not been cheap! SO. MANY. SUPPLIES!

Abacus / Side Table / Utensil Organizer

Among the many things we needed was of course, pens! Especially for this mama! I’ve written with a pen and paper more in the last few months than I have in the last year. My planner is full of ideas, quotes, books to check out, podcasts to listen to, schedules, craft supplies to buy (again) and additions to my shopping list … most likely Dr. Pepper.

We have been completely obsessed with the new FriXion and G2 pens by Pilot Pen! They’re comfortable in my hands and my girls’ hands. And like I said, I’ve been writing a ton recently. And, I’m a leftie so I’m disadvantaged. I need a special pen that will support my genetically incorrect disposition to draft with the left hand.

Picture Hangers / Art Mannequin / Picture Ledge

But my favorite discovery is the FriXion line. They allow me to never make a mistake because they are erasable! Erasable!! The heat generated by erasing friction causes the unique thermo-sensitive ink to become clear and disappear from the page. Sans eraser shavings! Can I get an Amen! from all the moms who are now teacher + janitor?!

So many colors, so many pen styles, so much fun for my girls and the never-ending crafts taking place in our new homeschool room!

Anatomy Book Set / Baskets / Wood Toy Storage / Microscope / Paper Organizer / Shelf (Sold Out) / Blocks

Several of these pens are available for Rollback at Walmart and a few are exclusively sold at Target and on-sale! (On the Target Circle App)


Utensil Organizer