BTS with Famous Footwear

It’s BTS season! And no, I don’t mean the season for the K-pop band (although I am totally down with the BTS crew).  I mean Back To School! 

Back To School season is looking mightttty different this year folks. I know you know. We all know. The world has gone cray-cray.

To try and maintain some normalcy and routine, I knew we needed to hit up our favorite shops for some Back To School shopping!  … Was this shopping spree for the kids? .. Or me? … I’ll never tell.

Famous Footwear is always a go-to for new shoes! These girls are growing like weeds and their tiny toes are not so tiny anymore! 

We dropped by Famous Footwear last weekend and were impressed by all the safety measures put in place so that you can still enjoy that pre-school shopping trip with your tykes.  As a mom of three, running into the store isn’t usually considered just “running in”.  Just the unbuckling and rebuckling of car seats takes me longer than the time it would take me to run into the gas station and fill up my 44 oz. soda cup.  

Thankfully, the staff at Famous Footwear is quick on their feet (see what I did there?) and ready to serve you aqap (as quick as possible) and as safely as possible. 

Grab a squirt of hand sanitizer and skip to your car with your new cute kicks in hand!